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Thanks for joining our pack of responsible pet parents! We're always looking for ways to make our service even better, which is why we've created these valuable customer tools and resources.

My Pet Insurance App

You can download our My Pet Insurance app, which makes it easier than ever to submit claims and manage your account. You can even submit claims before you leave your veterinarian’s office. Just open the app, enter some information, and add a photo of your invoice.

You can also use the app to track claims, pay your bill, see your billing history, sign up for direct deposit, or find a nearby veterinary clinic. It’s available for download in the App Store or on Google Play.

Member Center

You can manage your pet insurance account conveniently online at our Member Center. There’s a lot you can do there. You can submit your pet insurance claims and track their status, update contact information, see pet and coverage details, change your payment method, and view your payments and account balance.

It’s free for our customers and only takes a moment to register if you haven’t logged in yet. You’ll just need your account number and the last four digits of the payment method you have on file with us.

 Claim Form

We offer a number of ways to submit an ASPCA Pet Health Insurance claim so you can choose the one that works best for you. You can submit claims using the My Pet Insurance app, online at the Member Center or download our pet insurance claim form to email, fax , or mail it to us. Our contact information is listed right on the form. You’ll also find useful tips to submit your claim on the form.

The fastest way to get your claims to us is to use our app or submit them online. Remember the faster you get them to us, the sooner we can begin working on getting you any payouts owed to you.

 Pet Parent Resources

Head over to our resource center for all sorts of useful information related to our four-legged family members. We’ve got articles covering lots of topics, including common pet health conditions, pet safety tips, expert veterinary advice, pet trends in tech and nutrition, specific breeds, behavior issues, and more. Visit this resource for pet parents now and check out some featured articles here.

Why Do Dogs Have Wet Noses?

Why Do Dogs Have Wet Noses?

There are quite a few reasons your dog might have a wet nose from normal secretions that help enhance their keen sense of smell to perspiration. You might also be surprised to hear that a dry nose does not necessarily mean your dog has a fever. Get more facts about dogs and their wet noses.

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Choosing the Best Pet Treats and Toys for Your Dog and Cat

Choosing the Best Pet Treats and Toys for Your Pet

Treats are a great way to reward your pet for good behavior or show them your love. Just remember to give them in moderation to help avoid weight loss. Pets also need toys to stimulate them physically and mentally. Learn how to pick the best treats and toys for your furry friend.

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Domestic Medium Hair: Personality, Care, and More _ ASPCA Pet Health Insurance _orange tabby cat with a gold tag

Domestic Medium Haired Cat Facts

As you might suspect, the domestic Medium Hair cat is distinguished by the length of their hair relative to Domestic Shorthair and Domestic Longhair cats. Learn more about the history, physical attributes, personality traits, grooming, general care, common health issues, and some fun facts about these cats.

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101 Household Pet Dangers

Looking for ways to help make sure your pet stays safe? Look over our list of pet dangers so can take steps to avoid an emergency. It includes potential pet hazards inside and around your home organized by category, such as products, areas, holiday items, appliances, plants, food and objects.

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