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Domestic Medium Haired Cat Facts

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orange tabby cat with a gold tag

Many people are familiar with the Domestic Shorthair and the Domestic Longhair cats, but you may not know the Domestic Medium Hair. So, it may come as a surprise that they can be found nearly everywhere.

History of the Domestic Medium Hair

The introduction of domestic cats to the United States can be traced all the way back to the early 1600s. In hopes of deterring a rodent issue on their boats, the Pilgrims brought our modern-day feline friends along for the journey.

Fast forward through countless generations of crossbreeding, and the Domestic Medium Hair was created. Nowadays, this type of cat can be found in households, shelters, and cat colonies throughout the world.

black medium hair cat with a purple collar and red tag

Attributes of the Medium Hair

Firstly, the Domestic Medium Hair is not technically a single breed—instead, the term encompasses a type of cat that includes various breeds. They are, however, related to the Domestic Shorthair and Domestic Longhair cats. The easiest way to tell the difference between these three types of cats is to (as one might suspect) look at the length of their hair.

Domestic Shorthair cats will have an overall shorter coat, and they will not have an excess of hair on their tail, mane, or around their legs. Domestic Medium Hair cats will still have shorter hair along their back, but the rest of their hair, especially around their neck and tail, will have a fluffier, slightly longer appearance. Domestic Longhair cats will have a longer, flowy coat that is more uniform in length all over the body.

Due to the fact that Domestic Medium Hair cats come from mixed ancestry, the physical appearance of these cats is quite diverse—they can be found in a range of colors, patterns, shapes, and sizes. This means that you could have a grey, short and stocky cat and a black and white, lean cat, and they both can still be considered Domestic Medium Hairs.

Another result of having a mixed ancestry is that the temperaments and personalities of Domestic Medium Hairs vary from cat to cat. It's very possible to have one Domestic Medium be quiet and aloof, and another be sociable and talkative. Although the Domestic Medium Hair cat personality and appearance will vary from feline to feline, these cats still make wonderful pets and welcoming companions.

brown and white tabby cat with a medical collar

Common Health Issues for Domestic Medium Hairs

Perhaps one of the main benefits of Domestic Medium Hairs having a mixed genealogy is the fact that they do not inherit specific breed health conditions. While they are an overall healthy type of cat, they are still, like any other type of cat, susceptible to some health issues.

According to our claims data*, the top 5 Domestic Medium Hair health issues that can occur are:

  1. Upset stomach
  2. Lack of appetite
  3. Digestive issues
  4. Overactive thyroid
  5. Diabetes

Even though a clean bill of health is common, it is still important to schedule regular veterinarian visits so that your cat's health can be monitored and potential health issues can be caught early. With proper care, the Domestic Medium Hair cat lifespan can be lengthy—on average, 15 to 18 years.

Grooming and Care for Your Cat

About one of the only common traits among this type of cat is that they have a thick, medium-length, double coat. As a result, it is important that your Domestic Medium Hair is brushed at least once a week. Most pet parents who have owned cats are probably not used to regularly brushing them, but a weekly brushing for double-coated cats may have a larger impact on the cat's health than some people may realize.

Regular brushing sessions will help prevent mats or knots in your cat's fur, reduce the number of hairballs your cat could get, and help keep your cat's skin healthy and their coat clean and soft. Not to mention, the more hair you brush out, that means that much less hair on your clothes and furniture.

orange and white tabby with a red tag

5 Fun Facts about Domestic Medium Hairs

With their overall sweet personality, these cats are perfect for all cat owners, even first-time ones.

  1. In addition to having different body types, these cats can additionally have different facial expressions. These are determined by the more prominent breeds in the cat's ancestry.
  2. These cats can be found in every color you've seen among cats.
  3. A Domestic Shorthair or Domestic Longhair can have a Domestic Medium Hair offspring and a Domestic Medium Hair can have a Domestic Short or Longhair offspring.
  4. The weight of these cats can range anywhere from 11 to 22 pounds, males typically being on the heavier side.
  5. Domestic Medium Hairs get along well with children and other pets.

Name Suggestions

If the time has come and you're ready to adopt your very own Domestic Medium Hair cat, then you will also have to make the very difficult decision of choosing a name. Normally, it becomes substantially easier to name a cat after you have seen him/her and begin to know his/her personality. Here are some name suggestions to get those wheels turning on which name will suit your new feline friend.

  • Dumpling
  • Sprout
  • Wheezy
  • Leo
  • Duchess
  • Jules
  • Captain

If you find yourself not being able to resist and you end up adopting two Domestic Medium Hair cats, here are some potential name pairs.

  • Curly and Moe
  • Ben and Jerry
  • Thelma and Louise
  • Simba and Nala
  • Mickey and Minnie
  • Holmes and Watson

*Internal Claims Data, 2019

The information presented in this article is for educational and informational purposes only and does not constitute or substitute for the advice of your veterinarian.


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