Did an ASPCA Pet Health Insurance plan help you afford the care your pet needed? We’d love to hear about your experience with our pet insurance or the reasons why you decided to cover your pet. Just fill out the form to send it to us. You can upload a photo of your four-legged friend too!

Not sure why you should share your story or what to say? Check out our frequently asked questions below. You may also want to post your story to pet insurance review sites, such as TrustPilot(opens new window) or ConsumerAffairs(opens new window). Your words can help other pet parents make the important decision to cover their pets.

Frequently Asked Questions About Sharing Your Story

Why should I share my story?

We truly enjoy hearing from our customers and getting to know more about their pets. It warms our hearts to know that our coverage was able to make a difference in their time of need. Sharing your story can also help other pet parents understand the benefits of pet insurance and decide to cover their pets. Consider adding it to the pet insurance reviews for dogs and cats at sites like TrustPilot or ConsumerAffairs.

What should I write?

If your pet was hurt or sick recently, you can write about what happened and how our coverage helped you care for your four-legged family member. You may want to include a little about your pet, what kinds of treatment they needed, and how your pet is doing now.

You can also share the reasons you decided to cover your pet. Some of our customers enroll in pet insurance because it was recommended by their veterinarian. Others sign up after experiencing expensive veterinary costs without financial support.

Here’s an example of a story we received from Trista of Twentynine Palms, CA:

You can read these customer reviews for more examples of what people are saying about us. And know that whatever you decide to share, we appreciate hearing from you!

How long should my story be?

That’s entirely up to you. You can send us a few sentences or write up something longer. Your story is just that—your story. Feel free to be brief and get straight to the point or include lots of details about your pet, what happened, and how pet insurance helped.

What will you do with my story?

We sometimes use customer stories on our website, in social media posts, or in our marketing materials. It can be helpful for pet parents to hear real pet insurance reviews and stories from our customers. Those firsthand accounts can help them decide if pet insurance is right for them. We won’t include your full name or other personal identifying information.

How can I share my story with other pet parents?

You can post your story at pet insurance review sites, such as TrustPilot. They’re committed to giving customers a public space where they can post honest feedback. They currently have over 90 million reviews of 40,000 sites including many real pet insurance reviews. They make it easy to add a pet insurance reviews for dogs and cats. You can get started(opens new window) by adding a star rating for us.

You can also add your story to ConsumerAffairs, which is a website that offers information to help consumers make smart purchasing decisions. They’re a for-profit company (not a government agency) that offers reviews, buyer’s guides, news, and more. You can share your experience(opens new window) at ConsumerAffairs by writing or recording a review.

What if I have questions about my coverage?

To make sure you get the answer you need, please reach out to our friendly Customer Satisfaction team rather than including questions about coverage in your story. Team members are available by phone at 1-866-294-6764 Monday to Friday from 8:00am to 8:00pm EST. You can also leave a voicemail or send an email and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.

In addition, you can get information about your coverage in other places:

  • My Pet Insurance App Download our free mobile app to review details about your coverage, submit and track your claims, see your billing history, and more.
  • Member Center Log in to our Member Center to access coverage information and tools for online account management.
  • Frequently asked questions about our coverage Find answers to commonly asked questions about your coverage, such as submitting claims or getting reimbursements.
  • How to submit a claim See the steps to submit a claim and learn about the next steps.

You may also want to explore additional tools, such as our Vet Locator. Keep in mind you can use any licensed veterinarian in the US or Canada with our coverage, but this tool can help you locate one near you.

And be sure to check out our pet parent resource center, which has lots of articles on a wide range of topics, such as common health conditions, wellness care, various cat and dog breeds, safety tips, and pet lifestyle trends. You can sort articles by cat or dog and browse categories including health, lifestyle, insurance, care, and breed.

*The statement is attributable only to the person quoted and does not represent the opinion of the ASPCA® Pet Health Insurance program or any person or entity associated with ASPCA® Pet Health Insurance.