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It’s important to train your dog to respond to basic commands and behave appropriately, but it can take some time and effort. These tips can help you get there with less frustration for both you and your dog.

1. Use Praise and Rewards

Relying on praise and rewards rather than reprimands can make dog training more effective and enjoyable. Just remember to go easy on the treats. They can be high in calories and cause your dog to gain weight.

2. Be Consistent

Promote learning and avoid confusion by being consistent. For instance, make sure everyone in the household agrees to the rules, such as whether or not the dog is allowed on the living room couch. Also, make sure you use the same commands. If you use “off” and your spouse uses “down,” you could end up with one confused pup.

3. Take Baby Steps

Training a dog can take time. Be patient and follow your dog’s ability and pace. Some dogs learn quickly while others need more repetition and practice. If you or your dog start getting frustrated during a training session, take a break and try again later.

4. Seek Help

If you need assistance or don’t have the time to train your dog yourself, there are a couple dog training options you can consider:

  • Group Sessions – Training in a small group is a great way to teach basic skills and socialize young puppies. It an also be less expensive than one-on-one training.
  • Private Lessons – Personalized training can be particularly helpful if your dog has a specific issue. A private trainer can focus solely on your dog and customize the training plan based on his or her needs.

Ask your veterinarian about the best training option for your dog and dog trainer recommendations.

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