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11 Ways You & Your Pet Can Be The Perfect Houseguests.jpg

Pets are part of our families, and they need lots of guidance, love, and care—just like our children. And maybe a good scratching behind the ears from time to time too!

And like moms and dads of kiddos, parents of four-legged fur babies have all sorts of pet parenting styles. Some are strict but loving, while others are more laid back and carefree. Still, others enjoy catering to their pets every whim, showering them with gifts (if your pet is wearing a collar with a lot of bling, this could be you).

Your pet parenting style has a lot do with your personality, your pet’s breed and demeanor, what you both like to do, and where you live. So what kind of pet parent are you? Take the quiz now!

Whatever kind of pet parent you are, you’re probably a smart one too. Join other smart pet parents by checking out pet insurance for your four-legged family member today!

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