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Diabetes. Fractures.
Microchip Implantation.
We cover that.

  • Coverage for accidents, illnesses, and more
  • Visit any licensed veterinarian or specialist in the US or Canada
  • Optional preventive care coverage at an additional cost
  • Fast and easy claim submission
  • Direct deposit of reimbursements
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Complete CoverageSM offers extensive protection for your cat's unexpected accidents and illnesses.

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Complete CoverageSM
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Complete CoverageSM plans cover

  • Diagnostics

    Think X-rays, MRI, blood tests, urinalysis, ultrasounds, etc.

  • Procedures

    Such as obtaining intravenous fluid, stitches, and surgery

  • Hospitalization

    Coverage when your cat needs to stay overnight

  • Prescription Medication

    Coverage for your cat’s FDA-approved meds

When your cat has unexpected

  • Accidents

    Coverage for fractures, cuts, swallowed objects, and more

  • Illnesses

    Includes minor ailments to serious diseases, like cancer

  • Hereditary Conditions

    Inherited illnesses such as kidney or heart disease

  • Behavioral Issues

    Eligible diagnosis and treatments for behavioral problems with symptoms like destructive scratching

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We admire cats for their independence. Our sassy feline friends do as they please and never let danger stop them. It’s as if cats think they really have nine lives, often eating things they shouldn’t, leaping from perilous heights, and darting out the door onto the busy street. And like us, cats can catch the flu or develop a hereditary condition.

customize your plan to help fit your budget

  • Annual limit

    Select a lower annual limit to pay a lower premium.

  • Annual deductible

    Pick from $100, $250, and $500 annual deductible options.

  • Reimbursement percentage

    Choose a higher reimbursement percentage for more cash back.

  • Alternate plan

    Accident-only Coverage

    Enroll in this option if you only want coverage for injuries resulting from an accident.

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  • Add-on

    Preventive Care Coverage
    for an additional cost

    Get cash back from things like certain vaccines, dental cleanings, spaying or neutering, annual check-ups.

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frequently-asked questions about the cat insurance plans we offer

FAQs about the cat insurance plans we offer

Cat insurance coverage can be a smart idea for all cat parents, even if your feline friend stays inside. That’s because any cat can get hurt and need expensive veterinary care. For instance, your cat could swallow a piece of string and need surgery to remove it. Or they could miss a jump to a high counter and fracture a paw.

Indoor cats can also suffer from ailments, such as ear mites, diabetes, upper respiratory illnesses, or cancer. Sick cats can need costly medical care, including diagnostic tests, medication, hospitalization, and follow-up veterinary visits.

When you cover your cat, you can help make sure you’ll be able to give them the best veterinary care possible with less worry about the costs.

Still asking yourself “Should I get pet insurance?” You might find our 9 Common Pet Insurance Myths helpful.

Cat insurance coverage can be especially beneficial for older cats since they may need more veterinary care as they age. Senior cats can be at a greater risk for health conditions, such as arthritis, diabetes, and cancer. They can also be prone to getting hurt, especially if they’re dealing with mobility issues or cognitive decline. Just keep in mind that most plans won’t cover pre-existing conditions.

Complete CoverageSM covers the things you’d expect and then some. It offers coverage for accidents and illnesses, which includes veterinary exam fees, medication, and hospitalization. It also covers:

  • Hereditary conditions, which are inherited diseases caused by a birth defect or passed down from the parents. Some common hereditary conditions for cats are lower urinary tract disease, polycystic kidney disease, and certain types of heart disease.
  • Alternative therapies used to treat covered conditions. These can include acupuncture, hydrotherapy, and stem cell treatments.
  • Behavioral problems with symptoms like excessive yowling, overgrooming, or going outside of the litterbox. These issues can be disruptive to the household and harmful to the cat, which is why we offer coverage to help diagnosis and treat them.

If you’re only looking for financial cushion for accidents, you can choose our Accident-Only plan. It covers your cat for all sorts of injuries from minor bumps and bruises to broken ribs or deep lacerations.

Your veterinarian might recommend prescription cat food or supplements to help them with certain health problems, such as arthritis or cognitive decline. Complete CoverageSM covers these products when they’re used to treat a covered condition (not for general maintenance or weight management).

Preventive care coverage is not included as part of Complete CoverageSM, but you can add it to your plan at a low additional cost. You can choose from two preventive care coverage options. They reimburse up to a set amount for a list of covered services that include things like annual exams, dental cleanings, and vaccines. There’s no deductible or co-insurance amount. There’s also no waiting period for preventive care coverage to start.

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