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Customize a one-of-a-kind plan for your one-of-a-kind pet. Pick your best plan from our different levels of reliable and trustworthy coverage, so you can help your pets live happier, healthier, longer lives.

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  • Our Best Pet Insurance Plan

    Complete CoverageSM

    From unexpected accidents to unfortunate illnesses, Complete CoverageSM is our most robust plan and gives you the comfort of knowing your pet has coverage. A Complete CoverageSM plan reimburses you for the eligible costs of exam fees, diagnostics, treatments, hereditary conditions, alternative therapies, behavioral issues, and more.

  • Our Lower-Cost Plan

    Accident-only Coverage

    Accident-only is our accident and emergency pet insurance plan that gives you cash back for the eligible costs of veterinary care in the chance of an unexpected injury. It covers all sorts of diagnostic services and treatments prescribed for accidents, such as X-rays, blood work, medications, hospitalization, and surgery.

  • Our Add-On Plan

    Preventive Care Coverage

    Preventive Care Coverage gives you cash back based on a schedule for eligible routine services that help keep your pet living a happier, healthier, longer life, like annual check-ups, vaccines, and screenings. Designed with your pet’s wellness in mind, we offer two levels of preventive care coverage that you can add to your base plan for just a small additional cost per month.

Customize the best pet insurance plan for your budget.

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how does it work?

ASPCA® Pet Health Insurance plans help make it easier to provide your pet with the care they need while getting cash back on eligible vet bills. Here’s how it works:

  • Visit

    Take your pet to the veterinarian of your choice and pay them as usual.

  • Submit

    Use the ASPCA® Pet Health Insurance app to submit a claim, even before you leave the veterinary clinic.

  • Cash Back

    Receive reimbursement for eligible vet bills by direct deposit or check.

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did you know?

Our limits reset every year so your pet has the coverage they need throughout their life. Customize the plan that works best for you and your pet today. 

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FAQs frequently asked questions

Deciding which plan you should get depends on many factors, like your pet’s age and breed, your budget, and the level of coverage they need. If you’re looking for robust coverage that reimburses you for accidents, illnesses, and much more, check out Complete CoverageSM. If it’s just accidents and injuries you want covered, or if you’re working with a tighter budget, consider an Accident-Only plan. Once you choose your plan, it’s up to you how you customize your annual coverage limit.

Pet insurance plans have varying costs based on several factors, including plan choice and where you live as well as the species, breed, and age of your pet. With ASPCA® Pet Health Insurance program, you can also customize your plan’s annual deductible, reimbursement percentage, and annual limit to better fit your budget and coverage needs. Get a free quote to see what your monthly premium would be without any obligation to enroll.

Monthly premiums (aka what you pay each month) are based on a few different things, including your pet’s age. As you renew your policy every year for your pet as they age, their premium may increase to account for the higher veterinary costs of caring for an older pet. You’ll always be notified of any changes before your new price goes into effect at renewal—one year from your start date. We’re committed to clearly communicating information about rate changes in advance of renewal.

Yes. You can enroll multiple pets at one time or add pets later. Each pet in your family will have their own policy with a separate premium. And you’ll get a 10% multi-pet discount on the base plan premium for each additional pet you insure with us.