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Pet First-Aid Basics

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Nobody wants to get caught off-guard by an emergency. Luckily, we have the information you need to be better prepared for when the unexpected happens.

Set a plan

Ask your vet about an emergency protocol, especially if your clinic isn’t available 24/7.

Be careful

Handle an injured pet with caution. Even the sweetest dog or cat can act out when hurt.

Stay calm

Try to keep your cool, so you can think clearly and avoid upsetting your pet even more.

Make a kit

Have a pet first-aid kit ready. See below for a full list of what you may need according to ASPCApro.

Get insured

Our plans cover injuries, like broken bones, swallowed objects, car accidents and bite wounds.

For more advice on potential dangers, visit 101 Things You Didn’t Know Could Harm Your Pet and don’t forget to get a free quote!


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