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As a strategic partner of the ASPCA® since 2006, we’re committed to providing reliable, affordable, and trustworthy coverage so our pets can live happier, healthier, longer lives.

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  • 10% multi-pet discount for each additional pet

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Most Popular Plan

Complete CoverageSM

Coverage that offers things you’d want and expect for your pet when they’re hurt or sick and covers exam fees and costs of diagnostics and treatment for accidents, illnesses, hereditary conditions, and behavioral issues.

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Alternate plan

Accident-Only Coverage

Enroll in this option if you only want coverage for injuries resulting from an accident.

Get cash back from things like vaccines, dental cleanings, spaying or neutering, and annual check-ups for an additional cost.

Yeah, we cover that

The proof is in these real customer claims

  • Ear Infection

    Pippin the cat had an ear infection, here’s how we helped.
    • Vet Bill $1,099.19
    • Amount Reimbursed $989.27

    Real customer claim from 01/21

  • Torn Ligament

    Chester the lab chased a turkey and tore his ACL, here’s how we helped.
    • Vet Bill $6,794.00
    • Amount Reimbursed $5,625.00

    Real customer claim from 08/2021

  • Foreign Object

    Aspen the corgi ingested a chew toy, here’s how we helped.
    • Vet Bill $8,211.19
    • Amount Reimbursed $7,349.12

    Real customer claim from 10/2021

See What Else Is Covered

The examples above illustrate reimbursements for covered expenses at an either 80% or 90% reimbursement rate. The annual deductibles had already been met, and the annual limits had not yet been satisfied. Reimbursements and coverage vary based on individual plan options.

Up to 90% cash back on pet’s covered medical expenses

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    Take your pet to the veterinarian of your choice and pay them as usual.

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    Use our app to submit a claim even before you leave the veterinary clinic.

  • Cash Back

    Receive reimbursement for eligible vet bills by direct deposit or check.

Customize the best pet insurance plan for your pet and your budget.

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One of the most extensive plans on the market

Plan feature
ASPCA Pet Health Insurance
Healthy Paws
Accident Only Plan Yes No No Yes Yes
Preventive Care Yes No No Yes Yes
Exam Fees Covered Yes No No Yes Yes
10% Multiple Pet Discount Yes No No No No

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Pet Insurance Basics

Choosing a pet insurance plan can be confusing. We’re here to fill you in on what pet insurance is, how it works, and what’s covered.

Is Pet Insurance Worth It?

Pet insurance helps us give our pets the kind of medical care we want for them with less stress about the cost.

What To Know Before You Buy

Unfamiliar with pet insurance? Our pet insurance buyer’s guide can help you think through your options and make the best decision for your pet.

How Does Pet Insurance Work?

Pet insurance is insurance coverage for your pet. It covers the eligible costs of treating accidents and illnesses.

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