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“My husband buried gopher bait out in the backyard. Later on, he noticed that one of our dogs had been digging around where he buried the bait. We figured by the size of the hole that it had to have been Arturo, our Miniature Australian Shepherd, rather than our Lab. I took Arturo straight to our veterinarian's office, knowing he had an ASPCA Pet Health Insurance plan. If I had waited, I would not have seen any symptoms for 72 hours and by then it would have been too late. The veterinarian induced vomiting and found a glow to it, meaning that Arturo had definitely ingested the gopher bait. The veterinarian administered charcoal to Arturo several times over a 24-hour period, and my dog is now back to his rambunctious self.” Clarissa D., Red Bluff, CA

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