Not sure which pet insurance provider is right for you and your pet? These questions can help you make a smart decision.

1. What’s covered?

These days, pretty much all providers offer coverage for accidents, illnesses, and hereditary conditions. But what about other things your pet might need like treatment for dental disease or help with a behavioral issue? Make sure anything you’d want covered is covered.

Remember to balance price and value as you shop around. A cheap plan isn’t going to help out if it doesn’t cover what you need.

2. What’s not covered?

Make sure you know what isn’t included. For instance, some providers won’t reimburse you for exam fees, which are part of nearly every veterinary bill.** You should also look into how they handle pre-existing conditions, which are conditions that occur before coverage starts or during a waiting period.

3. Can you customize your coverage?

Being able to choose factors like your deductible and annual limit lets you tailor your plan to fit your budget and needs. For instance, if you want the ability to get reimbursed more each year, you can pick a higher annual limit. If you prefer to pay a lower monthly premium, select a lower limit.

4. Do they offer preventive care coverage?

Lots of pet parents appreciate getting cash back for the preventive care services their pets need, like check-ups, flea/heartworm prevention, and dental cleanings. Even if you’re not sure you want this coverage at first, it’s good to go with a provider that offers it in case you change your mind later.

5. How much experience do they have?

Of course, you want a dependable company that will be around for the life of your pet! There’s no way to tell for sure, but the size and experience of the provider are good indicators that you can count on them for the long haul.

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Complete CoverageSM covers everything you’d expect and then some—including exam fees for accidents and illnesses! Coverage for preventive care kicks in as soon as your plan goes into effect. All other coverage starts on the 15th day after the policy effective date. Plus, you can customize your annual deductible, annual limit, and reimbursement percentage.

We're proud to be a trusted provider that’s been helping pet parents since 1997. We’re also always looking for ways to enhance our service by offering features like online claims submission and direct deposit.

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