When you’re looking into pet insurance, it can feel like you need to learn a whole new language. This quick guide can help you understand what it all means.

Annual Coverage Limit

This is the total amount you can be reimbursed over a 12-month policy period. It resets when a new policy period begins. We let you select your deductible and suggest you go with one that is the highest amount you think you might need so you have the right amount of cushion.


You need to satisfy this amount before you can start getting reimbursed. We have annual deductible options of $100, $250, or $500. You can pay a lower monthly premium by selecting a higher deductible or choose a lower deductible if you want the ability to get more money back.


Exclusions are things that aren’t covered by your plan. We have a short list of exclusions that includes breeding costs, cosmetic procedures (like tail docking), and pre-existing conditions (which are excluded by all pet insurance providers). Look over a sample plan for a full list.

Hereditary & Congenital Conditions

Some pets are prone to inherited conditions and birth defects that don’t show symptoms until later in their life. One of the most common ones is hip dysplasia. Complete CoverageSM has coverage for these kinds of conditions.

Pre-existing Conditions

These are conditions that occur before coverage begins or during a waiting period. No pet insurance provider covers pre-existing conditions although there can be differences in how they handle them. It’s smart to sign your pet up before something happens that would be considered pre-existing.

Reimbursement Percentage

This is the percentage of covered costs you’ll get back after you meet your deductible. We offer 70%, 80%, and 90% options. Choose a lower amount for a lower monthly premium or go with a higher amount if you want to get more cash back on your claims.

Waiting Period

A waiting period is the amount of time that needs to pass before certain coverage kicks in. We don’t have waiting periods for accidents or preventive care. There is a 14-day waiting period for illnesses as well as knee and ligament issues. Some providers have longer waiting periods so it’s definitely something to check into.

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