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Must-Have Apps for Pet Parents

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A woman looks at her phone while sitting on the couch with her dog.

Today's pet parents live in a digital age where our cats and dogs are just a tap away from the fun, care, and resources they love. It's true — staying connected and organized has never been easier, whether you're seeking reliable pet sitters, dog walkers, or ways to have fun with your pet.

We've curated a list of must-have apps designed to simplify life and keep our beloved pets happy and healthy. Whether you're on iOS or Android, get ready to say hello to a more convenient pet parenting journey ahead.

Pet Health Apps

Ready to discover some must-have apps for keeping your pet in tip-top shape? We have a few suggestions for you, from gaining quick access to important first aid info to submitting your pet insurance claims before you even leave the vet's office.

Pet First Aid: American Red Cross

This valuable resource puts potentially life-saving information right at your fingertips, with step-by-step instructions, videos, and interactive quizzes to help you administer first aid to your furry friend in critical situations. It's best to consult a veterinarian for your pet's health needs, but this app covers a wide range of emergency scenarios, making it a vital resource for unexpected situations.

Download on iOS | Download on Android

ASPCA® Pet Health Insurance App

If you already have a policy with us, you can easily submit claims, review benefits info, find a vet, and more in our easy-to-use app.

Help protect your pet's health and well-being with access to a wealth of pet health resources, including preventive care reminders and all the ins and outs of pet insurance claims to help you keep your four-legged companion feeling their best. Prepare for your pet's future and give them the care they deserve with the ASPCA® Pet Health Insurance app. Don't have a plan yet? Get a quote today!

Download on iOS | Download on Android

Adventure Apps

Explore fun pet apps designed to enhance your outdoor adventures, whether you're planning pet-friendly hikes or riding on bikes, discovering new trails, or finding new places to wag those tails.


Planning pet-friendly adventures doesn't have to be a challenge. This innovative app is a great resource for pet parents seeking pet-friendly accommodations, restaurants, activities, and other destinations. Whether you're planning a weekend getaway or a cross-country road trip, BringFido makes it easy to find a spot to bring them along. Plus, with user reviews and ratings, you can ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for you and your furry friend.

Download on iOS | Download on Android


It just might be time to embark on some new outdoor adventures. This app provides access to a large hiking, walking, and running trail database, complete with user reviews, photos, and maps. Expert hikers and new explorers alike will appreciate finding trails for all skill levels. With filters for dog-friendly trails and real-time GPS tracking, you can easily plan your next outing.

Download on iOS | Download on Android


If you live in an apartment or somewhere in the city and wish your dog had a backyard to run in, you're in luck! Sniffspot connects pet parents with private outdoor spaces where dogs can roam, play, and explore safely, including fenced-in yards, spacious fields, or wooded areas. Sniffspot offers a variety of pet-friendly locations with detailed descriptions, photos, and user reviews. Planning a fun-filled day outdoors has never been more convenient.

Download on iOS | Download on Android

Dog Walking and Pet Sitting Apps

Busy pet parents, listen up! It's easy to simplify your pet care routine with these convenient apps that help schedule walks and find reliable pet sitters.


Wag! is a popular dog walking app that connects pet parents with reliable and experienced dog walkers in their area. You can schedule on-demand and recurring walks and view detailed reports with photos and notes from trusted walkers. If you're stuck at work or need some extra help during those especially busy days, Wag! can help your dog get the exercise and stimulation they deserve.

Download on iOS | Download on Android


Rover is a great pet-sitting solution for overnight boarding, daycare, or drop-in visits. They offer various options to suit your pet's needs and your schedule with a network of experienced pet sitters and dog walkers. Rover's profiles and reviews allow you to find the perfect match for your pet's personality and preferences, and they take steps to prioritize safety every step of the way.

Download on iOS | Download on Android

Pet Training Apps

Grab those training treats and get ready to learn. These apps are designed to help with your pet's training and behavior management. Turn training sessions into an enjoyable bonding experience with these personalized lessons and expert tips and tricks.


Puppr includes a range of training lessons and tutorials designed to teach obedience commands and fun tricks. From sit and stay to shake and roll over, Puppr provides step-by-step instructions and video demonstrations to help achieve your training goals. With personalized training plans and daily reminders, you can easily incorporate training into your daily routine and watch your dog's skills improve.

Download on iOS | Download on Android


Dogo's personalized training programs are tailored to your dog's breed, age, and skill level. So, whether you're working on basic obedience or addressing behavioral issues, this app helps provide expert guidance through interactive lessons, games, and challenges. With real-time feedback and progress tracking, you can monitor your dog's development and celebrate milestones together. Take your dog's training to the next level with Dogo and unleash their full potential.

Download on iOS | Download on Android


GoodPup is a training app that brings professional training advice right to your phone. With live, one-on-one training sessions, you can address behavior concerns and receive personalized feedback. Leash pulling and separation anxiety? No problem. GoodPup's trainers provide expert insights and practical solutions to help you and your dog overcome those challenges together.

Download on iOS | Download on Android

For Creative Cats and Canines

Raise your paws if you're feeling creative! Discovering inspiration and resources for pet parenting has never been easier. We have one more bonus suggestion as you head to the app store.


As a visual discovery platform, Pinterest offers a range of creative ideas, tips, and resources. These include pet-friendly recipes and ideas for keeping your best friend entertained while you're away from home, but that's not all.

DIY pet projects and creative grooming tips are just a few examples of Pinterest's wealth of content to help spark your imagination. With the ability to save and organize pins into personalized boards, you can easily curate a personal collection of inspiration. We're pinning away on the platform, so don't forget to follow us!

Download on iOS | Download on Android

Remember that being a pet parent is a rewarding journey filled with love, companionship, and occasional challenges. Thankfully, technology has changed how we care for our pets. Take advantage of the convenience and continue discovering new ways to give your pet the love and care they deserve. Here's to happier, healthier, and more connected pet parenting adventures.

An ASPCA® Pet Health Insurance plan can help you with eligible costs for covered conditions like surgery expenses for accidents and help provide peace of mind that your pet can receive the care they need. Check out our online resources to learn more about your insurance options and get a free quote today. The information presented in this article is for educational and informational purposes only and does not constitute or substitute for the advice of your veterinarian.

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