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Digging into Pet Health Insurance

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Are you wondering about pet insurance? Let’s dig right in to see how it can help make a difference for you and your four-legged family member.

A Tale of Two Dogs

When two dogs were brought into the El Cid Animal Clinic with the same symptoms*, their pet parents had very different experiences. One had pet insurance and easily said yes to the proposed diagnostic and treatment services without even looking over the estimated costs. She had the comfort of knowing she had help covering her dog’s care.

The other pet parent didn’t have pet insurance and couldn’t afford the services recommended for her dog. According to Dr. Xavier Garcia at the clinic, it was a “financial and emotional nightmare” for the client. “Sadly, some clients realize how important pet insurance is after being put in a position of having to choose finances over optimal care for their beloved pets,” Dr. Garcia added.

It’s not surprising that Dr. Garcia’s client had trouble managing the costs of her dog’s care. With so many advanced medical services available to pets these days, quality veterinary care can be expensive.

Even if you feel like you can manage this kind of unexpected financial hit, it can mean dipping into your savings, adding to your credit card bill, or cutting back in other ways. For instance, you may need to hold off on an important home repair or set aside a family vacation.

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The Comfort of Complete CoverageSM

You can help avoid a tough situation with new Complete CoverageSM. It provides the comfort of knowing exams, diagnostics, and treatments, including alternative therapies, are covered for:

  • Accidents
  • Illnesses
  • Cancer
  • Hereditary Conditions
  • Behavioral Issues
  • Dental Disease

It even covers the most advanced treatments, like chemotherapy and surgery, and some you may not expect, such as stem cell therapy and acupuncture.

Simple to Customize

It’s easy to customize Complete CoverageSM for a fit that feels right for you and your pet.

Pick Your Annual Limit

You can pick an annual limit that best suits your coverage needs and budget. Want the ability to get reimbursed as much as possible over your plan year? Choose a higher annual limit. Want to pay a lower premium? Consider selecting a lower limit. Just keep in mind that you can only get reimbursed up to your chosen annual limit each year.

Add Preventive Care

You can add preventive care for a little more per month to help cover things that can help keep your pet from getting sick. This coverage can include wellness exams, vaccines, screenings, dental cleanings, flea/heartworm prevention, and spaying/neutering.

Select Accident-Only Coverage

If you’re just looking to have some help when your pet gets hurt, you can change your coverage to only include care for accidents. It covers all sorts of incidents from minor scrapes at the dog park to more serious emergencies such as getting hit by a car.

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Just as Simple to Use

It’s also easy to sign up for and use your Complete CoverageSM plan:

  1. Quote & Enroll – Get a customized quote and enroll online or by giving us a call.
  2. Submit Claims – Submit claims the way that works best for you—online, by mail, or by fax.
  3. Get Reimbursed – Have your reimbursements directly deposited into your bank account or mailed. It’s up to you!

Plus, you can track your claims, pay your bill, view your plan details, and update account information anytime online.

Is Pet Insurance Worth It?

As you can see from Dr. Garcia’s client, pet insurance can make quite a difference when your pet is hurt or sick. It can help you provide optimal care for your pet with less worry about the cost. For many pet parents, that comfort of knowing they have coverage in an emergency is well worth the premium, which can fit into a monthly budget.

Of course, it’s a personal decision and it can feel like a big one. That’s one of the reasons ASPCA Pet Health Insurance plans have a 30-day money back guarantee^ as long as no claims are covered. This gives you some time to make sure you’re comfortable with it.

Lots of pet parents already understand the value of a pet insurance plan. Currently, there are over 1.4 million pets insured according to the North American Pet Health Insurance Association (NAPHIA). That number continues to grow as more pet parents discover the benefits of coverage.**

It only takes a few minutes to join that growing community of responsible pet parents. Get your plan today so you can have coverage before your next veterinary visit!

*Based on information provided by El Cid Animal Clinic, August 2015. This situation highlights the value of pet insurance not a specific plan. Complete CoverageSM not available in FL or WA.
+ American Pet Products Association (APPA) 2017-2018 APPA National Pet Owners Survey, April 2017
^ If no claims are covered. Not available in New York.

**North American Pet Health Insurance Association (NAPHIA) State of the Industry Report 2015, June 2015


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