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Holiday Gift Guide for Cats

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A kitten playing with a toy on a wooden floor.

Cats can be quite picky when it comes to their likes and dislikes, but they're not the best at telling you the gifts they want for the holidays. Luckily, we’ve done the work for you and sifted through the vast world of cat products to find the very best holiday gifts for cats (and their loving humans!). From toys and treats to beds and brushes, you’re sure to please every feline on your list.

A cat being fed by a person on a wooden floor.

Best Cat Treats & Toys

  1. PetSafe SlimCat Interactive Toy and Food Dispenser

    A puzzle feeder that hides treats or dry food for your cat to find can offer entertainment and stimulation for food-motivated felines. This toy dispenses a customizable amount of food as your cat engages in playful batting and pouncing, helping them burn calories while enjoying their meal or treats.

  2. Frog Catnip Toy

    Safe and long-lasting, this adorable toy is crafted with 100% organic catnip. It’s sure to entertain your feline friend for hours!

  3. Petstages Purr Pillow Snoozin’ Sloth Calming Plush Cat Toy

    For cats who are easily stressed, try this soothing sloth toy that has a touch-activated purring mechanism. It’s comforting to cuddle up with it at home or in other situations that could make your cat anxious.

  4. Happy Pet Crate Purfect Cat Gift Box

    Each item in this box is thoughtfully curated and perfect for the cat in your life. Happy Pet Crate's cat gift boxes are guaranteed to make any cat lover and their feline friend happy. Each package includes 10 items, such as treats, a brush, a plush toy, and liquid catnip.

  5. Cat Amazing Interactive Treat Maze & Puzzle Cat Toy

    This treat maze, which is basically a cardboard box divided into three sections with random holes, will keep your kitty stimulated and alert by encouraging their instinct to explore, sniff, search, and retrieve the hidden rewards.

  6. I and Love and You Cat Treats

    These cat treats are the perfect all-natural, mid-day snack to stave off boredom, avoid trouble, and support clean teeth, joint flexibility, and mental health. Even better? The company, I and Love and You, donates thousands of meals to animal shelters across the country each month.

An orange cat being groomed by a person.

Best Cat Accessories

  1. Mars Coat-King Bristle Cat Hairbrush

    Made with a durable and high-quality wooden handle for an easy grip, this cat brush has ¾-inch bristles, perfect for de-shedding and clearing out tangles and mats from your cat’s coat.

  2. Frisco Chunky Knit Candy Cane Stripe Cat Sweater

    With a soft, sherpa-fleece lining, this chunky knit sweater features red-and-white candy cane stripes and a white pom-pom accent on the hood. Your cat will be dressed for the holidays and warm all winter long.

  3. Forest Fantasy Cat Collar

    Adorned with charming mushrooms, acorns, and leaves, this collar adds a touch of whimsy and nature-inspired style to your cat's look. Choose between breakaway or non-breakaway buckle options to ensure your kitty's comfort and security.

  4. Catit Flower Plastic Cat Fountain

    Introducing a water fountain that can help motivate your feline friend to stay hydrated and healthy. With three different water flow options, you can choose between a gentle flow, bubbling top, or faucet-like streams. Unlike typical drinking fountains, this flower design does not have a bowl where dirt can settle and accumulate, so your cat can have fresh, clean drinking water any time of the day.

A white cat looking out of a cat tree.

Best Cat Beds & Hideouts

  1. PEFUNY Window Perch Cat Bed

    A durable yet comfortable window perch, this cozy cat perch uses strong suction cups to support felines up to 40lbs. Hang it in a nice bright spot for optimum sunbathing or quick catnaps. Your cat will enjoy hours watching the world pass by as they sit snugly in their window perch.

  2. Hide & Seek Bag

    Ever notice that your cat just loves those shopping bags you come home with? Now they can have their very own with the Hide & Seek Bag. Made with 100% natural pulp, this hideout makes a great hang-out spot for cats, and its sleek design goes well with any living space. A scratcher and organic catnip are included, too!

  3. Furhaven Pet ThermaNAP Self-Warming Quilted Cat Bed

    While all cats appreciate a toasty napping spot, warmth is especially important for senior cats to soothe their achy joints and help them maintain their body temperature in the winter. This cat bed has an insulated layer that keeps cats warm using their own body heat instead of electricity.

  4. Cattasaurus Peekaboo Cat Cave Donut Bed

    Made from a cozy felted material that’s durable, non-toxic, and odor-resistant, this stylish and sturdy donut-shaped cat cave satisfies a cat’s natural desire to burrow and hide. It’s a unique and modern take on the traditional cat tunnels and cat beds, and the sleek design can be incorporated into any aesthetic. It even comes with three fun cat toys!

An orange cat being groomed by a person.

Best Personalized Cat Gifts

  1. Personalized Food Scoop

    Feed your cat with their own custom cat food scoop! These 3D-printed scoops come in a multitude of sizes and colors, so you can match your cat’s personality and style.

  2. Customizable Cabana Carrier

    Travel with your cat in style with this personalized pet carrier! Aside from style, durability, and personalization, what makes this carrier even better is that each purchase helps cover medical and transportation bills for Rescue City, a Brooklyn-based dog rescue committed to saving lives through education, support, and service.

A Siamese cat lies in front of a window.

Best Gifts For Cats & Cat Lovers

  1. Basepaws Cat DNA Test Kit

    Curious about your kitty’s origin? Now you can know your cat like never before with in-depth insights into their breed, health, and more!

  2. SmartCat Kitty's Garden

    Provide mental and physical enrichment for your cat with this healthy, edible grass that grows in a stylish wooden planter. The SmartCat Kitty's Garden helps improve digestion, limit hairballs, and deliver essential vitamins. Even better, this homegrown grass gives your cat a safe alternative to nibbling on your houseplants!

  3. Pet Insurance

    Cat insurance coverage can be a smart idea for all cat parents, even if your feline friend stays inside. When you cover your cat, you can give them the gift that keeps giving all year long and help make sure you’ll be able to give them the best veterinary care possible with less worry about the costs.

Remember, the key is to choose gifts that cater to your cat’s unique preferences and needs. Whether it's a window perch for the adventurous climber, a catnip toy for the fun-loving feline, or a new cat carrier for your traveling cat, thoughtful presents will surely make them feel loved and appreciated.

These recommendations are provided by ASPCA® Pet Health Insurance and have not been vetted by the ASPCA®. The ASPCA does not endorse any of the products or retailers on this list.

An ASPCA® Pet Health Insurance plan can help you with eligible costs for covered conditions like surgery expenses for accidents and help provide peace of mind that your pet can receive the care they need. Check out our online resources to learn more about your insurance options and get a free quote today. The information presented in this article is for educational and informational purposes only and does not constitute or substitute for the advice of your veterinarian.

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