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Pet-Friendly Summer Fun

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A woman with short hair kneels next to her tan colored dog while outside on a trail

Are you and your pet getting a little bored of the same old games of fetch and tug-o-war? Try livening up your playtime with these fun activities.

Outdoor Games:

Synchronized Swim– If your pet's a swimmer, go for a dip in the pool or a lake together. Do some laps or see if you can come up with a routine that rivals the Olympic swim dancers.

Bubbles Chase– Blowing bubbles may sound like child’s play, but dogs and cats love chasing bubbles too. You can even buy pet bubble soap that smells like bacon or chicken!

Bob for Toys– Drop a few toys in a kiddie pool and let your pet knock them around. Just be sure to keep a towel handy and supervise this activity at all times.

Indoor Games:

Living Room Slalom– Set up an obstacle course by tossing pillows on the floor or moving the furniture around. Then encourage your pet to bob and weave through the course in a fast game of chase.

High Jump– Get your pet jumping up high by holding a tasty treat or favorite toy in the air. Gradually move it higher to see how far your friend can fly—the records for dogs is 68 inches, according to the Guinness Book of World Records.

Treasure Hunt– Hide your pet’s favorite treats around the house. Show your pet the first hidden gem and then encourage him or her to find the rest. Your pet may need some help at first, but should eventually catch on.

• The most separately thrown flying discs held in a dog’s mouth at one time is 7.
• The loudest purr ever recorded hit 67.7 decibels, nearly as loud as an electric shaver.
• A Jack Russell Terrier managed to pop 100 balloons in just 44.49 seconds.
• One dog walked 100-meters while balancing a can on her head in 2 minutes and 55 seconds.
• How many dogs do you think can skip rope at once? The answer is a record-setting 13!

Does your dog love exploring the great outdoors? Here are few activities designed especially for your hiking buddy!


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