travel safety for pets

Whether you're hitting the road, taking to the skies, or catching the bus, we're here to help you keep your pets safe and sound wherever you roam. Check out our tips and tricks for stress-free adventures.

a white Maltese looks out an airplane window

air travel

Planning to fly with your pet? Read up on our air travel tips to ensure a smooth and comfortable flight for your cat or dog. From choosing the right airline to preparing your pet for the adventure, we'll help you navigate the skies with peace of mind.

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woman rides the bus with her dog in her lap


Commuting with pets can be a breeze with the right preparation. Explore our collection of tips and tricks for making travel safe, convenient, and stress-free for you and your pet — whether you're riding public transportation or hitting the road.

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pit bull wearing a life vest in a canoe on a lake


Planning a nautical adventure with your canine companion? Safely set sail with our tips for boating with dogs. From life jackets and floating leashes to keeping them comfortable while on board, we'll help you safely make waves with your four-legged sailor.

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a family and their golden retriever buckled-up for a car ride

car travel

Buckle up, because we’re hitting the road in pursuit of tips for pet-friendly car travel. The next time your cat or dog tags along for the ride, make sure it’s a stress-free journey for all.

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peace of mind for your next adventure

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  • A cat playfully engaging with it's owner as they sit near a window sill.

    How to Travel With Your Cat

    Although it can be daunting to travel with your cat, it is possible, and some smart prep work can help make it easier for both of you.

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    Traveling with Your Dog

    Taking your dog on a trip, can be an unforgettable experience, and we’re here to help make sure every moment is memorable.

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    Camping With Dogs

    Before you pack your bags and journey to the great outdoors, read about some ways to prepare so you and your dog can have a safe and pleasant trip.

  • A dog standing in water with a collar on, at a park.

    Water Safety for Pets

    If your travel plans are all about making a splash, you’ll want to dive in and brush up on water safety for pets with this guide.

a Dachshund emerges from his pet carrier in an airport terminal