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The holidays can mean a whirlwind of visits with friends and family. If you're taking your pet along, here is what you may want to consider before, during and after your stay.


1. Ask Permission

It is very important to always to get an ‘OK’ from your host before bringing your four-legged family members along for the trip.

2. Pack Supplies

Pack your pet an overnight bag of their own that includes staples such as food, water, bowls, and treats, along with ‘just in case’ items like a pet first-aid kit, carpet cleaner, pet waste bags, and information for your veterinarian back home.

3. Prevent Sniffles

Ask your host about pet allergies and asthma. It may be best to leave your pet at home or set up a separate space in the house for them to prevent a medical episode.

4. Plan the Trip

Check out our article filled with pet-friendly travel tips to make your adventure as smooth as possible.


5. Bring It Down

It's natural for pets to be overly excited in a new place. It may help to tire your pet out before visiting. If your pet is a jumper, these tips from the ASPCA® may help.

6. Make Friends

If your host has pets, take introductions slow, reward good behavior, and look out for signs of aggression. Separate them if you sense trouble.

7. Know the Rules

You and your pet may love to snuggle up on the couch at home, but don’t expect your host to be as enthusiastic about sharing cushion space with your cat or dog. Other important questions to ask include:

  • Will there be restricted areas of the home?
  • Where will your pet be eating?
  • If you have a dog, is he allowed in the yard?
  • Is it safe for your pet to interact with other household pets and children?
  • Where will your pet be sleeping?

8. Keep It Fun

There are plenty of ways to make your trip fun for your pet and hosts while also being a conscientious guest, such as these ideas for including your four-legged in on the holiday fun.

9. Have a Plan B

All the pre-planning you may do in your quest to be a good houseguest still cannot predict unexpected incidents that may push your host’s hospitality to the limit. Do some research into nearby, pet-friendly hotel just in case you’re asked to leave.


10. Clean Up

Added pets bring added mess, so it’s only polite to break out the vacuum to sweep up any pet hair or food crumbs. Also, be sure to pick up pet waste as quickly as possible to keep things sanitary and avoid odors.

11. Say Thanks

The holiday season is the perfect time to show loved ones how much you appreciate them. One cute idea to leave a thoughtful thank you gift for your host from you and your pet.

And remember, customers can visit any licensed veterinarian in the US or Canada with our plans, which can be a real help if a mishap or unexpected illness occurs while you are traveling.

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