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What do you give somebody who offers you full and unconditional love?

We asked around and came up with this list of not-so-obvious-ways to show your pet how much they mean to you. It’s the little things that count after all!

· Cook them breakfast.

Periodically adding a cooked egg to your dog’s morning meal can help keep their coat shiny.

· Be courteous.

Simple phrases like please, thank you, good morning and good night may mean the world to them.

· Visit the veterinarian.

Caring for a pet means caring for their health, too. Don’t forget to schedule an annual checkup!

· Plan a spa day.

Pamper them with a good brushing, bath, nail trimming, teeth brushing and ear cleaning!

· Write a poem.

Pets can interpret tone of voice, and what sounds more loving than a poem?

· Take an adventure.

Go for a car ride. Take a new route around the neighborhood. Wander through the woods. Just explore.

· Use positive reinforcement.

Every animal, be it dog, cat or human, loves praise and adoration for a job well done.

· Get on their level.

Love is built on trust, and getting down on all fours to play reassures pets of your affection.

· Make a present.

Store-bought toys are fun, but handmade gifts inherently have that little something special.

· Be supportive.

They’re always there for us, which is why we owe them cuddles, care and a leg to lean on.

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