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Engagement photos are one way to showcase different aspects of your unique love story. For many pet parents, their dog or cat plays a special part in this tale of true love, so it makes sense that they want their four-legged friends included in their photos.

While working with pets can sometimes be a challenge, professional photographer and dog parent Amanda Ellis has shared with us these secrets of the trade for capturing the perfect shot.

  1. Primp and Prep

You wouldn’t roll up to your engagement session with bedhead, and the same should go for your pet! Depending on the breed, a quick brushing may suffice. Otherwise, a trip to a groomer may be in order to make sure your pet is looking sharp.

  1. Work It Out

A nice long walk or a good game of fetch are perfect ways to tire out your dog, so they are less likely to be overly excited and running in every direction during the session. This tip is especially important for young or high-energy pets.

  1. Keywords are Crucial

Do certain words make your dog get really excited or focused? For example, ‘treats’ and ‘car ride’ grab the attention of many pets. Let your photographer know the words that pique your pet’s interest so they can put them to use at key moments.

  1. Bring the Bestie

Some of our favorite photos feature a pet’s head cocked to one side, and these are the result of someone squeaking their favorite toy just off camera. Proper utilization of your pet’s best stuffed pal will help ensure their personality shines.

  1. Food for the Win

If your pet is more food driven, be sure to pack their favorite treats. This way the photographer can easily bribe them into sitting, staying and laying down on command.

  1. Safety Above All

The safety of your pet should be the highest priority for your photographer. Pets should remain leashed during the session, especially if you are shooting in an open field or at a park. Also, costumes should be free of choking hazards like loose buttons, sequins or pearls. Accessories like bow ties and hats should fit snugly, but not so tight as to restrict movement or hinder breathing.

Bonus Tips!

We know it can be challenging to photograph pets with black fur, but there is no such thing as an un-photogenic pet. These tips will help you capture your raven-haired beauty’s best side.

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