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Discover Dog-Friendly Seattle

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man walks dog down city street on rainy day

While planning your next canine-inclusive vacation, you might ask yourself, “Is Seattle a dog-friendly city?” Simply put—yes. Dog-friendly Seattle could be the perfect location for your next trip. With a plethora of activities, many of them recommended by our customers living there, you may need to take a few trips to Seattle to see it all.

Dog-Friendly Things To Do in Seattle

Whether you’re interested in taking a tour of the city, visiting the local breweries, or walking through the parks, there truly is something for everyone. As you begin to plan your trip and book activities, it's essential to keep in mind what your dog may enjoy doing as well.

For instance, if you have an active dog with high energy, you may want to check out local hiking or walking trails, bike tours, or dog-friendly parks. However, if your pup is a social butterfly and prefers to relax and people watch, then a visit to the local Seattle breweries may work perfectly.

Dog-Friendly Restaurants in Seattle

Like any large metropolitan area, your dining options in Seattle are practically endless. With the added benefit that the city is dog-friendly, you will also be lucky enough to find many restaurants, bars, and breweries that welcome your canine companion with open arms**.

  • Hounds Tooth Public House

    A casual bar environment that also offers great drinks and bites to eat. Check out their pinball machines and pinball tournaments, or visit during their weekly trivia nights.

  • Cloudburst Brewing in Ballard

    At this brewery’s new location in Ballard, they now have a beer garden where pups are welcome. Check out some of their unique drink flavors and get to meet other drink connoisseurs like yourself.

  • Ravenna Brewery

    Open every day of the week, this fun location has many unique drink flavors along with plenty of outdoor seating for you and your four-legged best pal. You can also check their event calendar, as local food trucks are often on-site.

  • Chuck’s Hop Shop

    Having multiple locations in Seattle, you can have your pick on which one you’d like to visit. Each of these plentiful stores provides customers with nearly endless choices for drinks to go, or you can stay with your pup and hang out on one of their cozy patios.

  • Retreat

    Located near Green Lake, this charming restaurant is an excellent spot for you and your dog to stop and grab a quick bite or drink, no matter the time of day. Offering breakfast, soups, smoothies, coffee, and cocktails, along with many healthy food options, you can’t go wrong with this spot.

  • The Yard

    This dog-friendly establishment has drinks aplenty and a variety of food options. You can also choose to sit indoors, on the covered deck, or out in their courtyard area.

  • Giddy Up

    A burger joint that’s also known to have healthier options and choices for people with dietary restrictions, Giddy Up welcomes dogs in their patio area and The Barn.

Regarding dog-friendly restaurants in Seattle, this list is truly just the tip of the iceberg. Although these places exist all over the city, it is always best to double-check that your dog is welcome and not just assume. Plus, it never hurts to inquire, as some restaurants may not allow dogs in their main dining area but will happily welcome them in the outdoor seating space.

Dog-Friendly Hotels in Seattle

While searching for accommodations in Seattle, it’s rather convenient that most hotel or house rental sites allow you to filter your results by only including dog-friendly places. Be sure to thoroughly read through a property’s rules or restrictions that may still exist, even if they do allow dogs.

  • Check on the number of pets allowed

    If you are traveling with more than one dog, then it is crucial that you check if multiple dogs are allowed. Many properties allow two pets maximum, but others will make an exception if you call and talk to them ahead of time. This restriction can vary with each place.

  • See if there are any size restrictions

    After seeing if a property is dog friendly, perhaps the next important item to investigate is if there are any size restrictions. Some places may only want smaller breeds, so the maximum weight could only be 30 pounds, while others may have a much higher weight limit closer to 80 pounds. Some places may not have a limit at all. On a similar note, though it typically isn’t the case, be sure there are also no breed restrictions.

  • Inquire about possible pet fees or deposits

    Pet fees and deposits can also vary significantly from one place to another. Some locations may have a small, non-refundable pet fee that is only charged once, no matter how many days you stay. Others may have a much higher pet deposit but may reimburse you a percentage if your pet does not cause any damage or create a mess. Thankfully, many places in the Seattle area do not charge any additional fee if you bring your dog.

  • Look at the surrounding area

    As you search for a place to stay in Seattle, it can be helpful to look at the immediate surrounding area and the overall neighborhood you will be in. For instance, since you could very well be staying downtown, it doesn’t hurt to look through property photos or a map to see if there are any nearby parks or grassy areas. If there are certain dog-friendly restaurants or sightseeing places you were hoping to visit, consider how close you will be to these activities. Within walking distance is ideal so you and your pup can get a quick walk in, but if things become too far, you’ll need to know if your dog is okay with traveling in a car or a ferry.

  • Read property rules concerning supervision

    Some hotels have guidelines asking you not to leave your pet unsupervised in the hotel room. Some pups could become loud or destructive if left alone in an unfamiliar environment, so in a way, this rule could help out your pet as well. Being in Seattle, this should be no problem at all. With so many dog-friendly activities around, there won’t be a reason you can’t bring your best pal along.

Although a hotel may be listed as ‘pet friendly,’ it’s possible that only a portion of their rooms allow dogs. Knowing this, it never hurts to inquire further with a place ahead of time if they still have dog-friendly rooms available. If you have an older pup that can’t do stairs or a puppy that is frequently making trips outside, you can also ask the concierge if a pet-friendly room on a lower level would be available.

Apart from the written-out dog rules you may see on a hotel’s website, whenever you are taking your dog to a hotel or rental, there are also some common courtesy rules you should follow. These include picking up after your dog, not allowing them to run through the hallways, keeping them on a leash anytime they are not in your room, not allowing them to be excessively loud, and not letting them swim in any pool that may be on the property.

couple walking their dog along the west seattle waterfront park with the city skyline in the background

Dog-Friendly Parks in Seattle

Of course, out of all the things to do and see in Seattle, the parks may have your dog’s top vote. Visiting the local dog-friendly parks can be a fantastic way for you and your pup to enjoy the outdoors, stretch your legs, and meet other dogs.

  • Voff Dog Park

    This bar and dog park combo is a friendly and relaxed environment focused on building a community of fellow dog parents, and it’s a wonderful location to spend any night of the week. With plenty of drinks on tap and many non-alcoholic options, Voff has something for everyone. Out back, they have a large, fenced-in grass area where your dog can run around to their heart’s content. Even during the snowy season, Voff is still the place to go.

  • Magnuson Park

    One of the more popular dog parks in the Seattle area, Magnuson Park has it all. This multi-acre park, which has many fenced-in sections, is the ideal location for letting your dog off the leash to run around and play. There are even areas designated for smaller dogs, so they can enjoy their time without worrying about the big dogs. Apart from the walking trails, one of the unique features of this park is that it has access to Lake Washington, so your dog can easily go for a swim.

  • Foster Park in Tukwila

    Located just a quick drive south of the city center, this park has some grassy areas for you and your dog to enjoy the outdoors and go on a short walk. If you are visiting Seattle with your children as well, this could be a park to consider as they also have a playground.

  • Olympic Sculpture Park

    A fantastic dog-friendly park if you’re a fan of the arts. This area, which was created by and is still maintained by the Seattle Art Museum, has many unique sculptures and lovely views of the city and Elliot Bay.

While visiting Seattle, if you have access to a car, you could also consider visiting some of the many state parks around, which are all dog friendly. Though these areas allow dogs, they typically have some basic guidelines they ask pet parents to follow, including picking up after your dog, always keeping them on a leash (non-retractable), and not letting them into park buildings or restricted areas. However, with most parks, dogs are welcome in picnic areas, campgrounds, and established trails.

If you and your dog are fans of hiking and you will already be in the Seattle area, you may be interested in the nearby national parks—North Cascades, Olympic, and Mount Rainier. It’s crucial to note that dogs are not allowed on trails at Mount Rainier, and they are welcome only on a limited number of trails and in designated areas in the other two parks.

Dog-Friendly Stores in Seattle

Whether you need to hop into a store real quick as a necessity, to buy groceries, or you want to have a leisurely afternoon of window shopping and wandering around a mall, it can be helpful to know where your pup’s paws are welcome. Some popular spots include:

Being a dog-friendly city, Seattle has plenty of stores that are accommodating to your canine companion, whether you’re looking for a clothing, gear, or grocery store. Although most companies post on their site whether they welcome pups, don’t hesitate to reach out and inquire if you can’t find their dog policy online.

Dog Friendly Tours in Seattle

A wonderful way to experience the city is to take a tour. There are many tours, by land, sea, and air, that can all offer spectacular views and interesting facts about Seattle. Rich with history, culture, and many quirky hidden gems, the city has so much to share with its visitors.

If you are looking for a family-friendly option, you could consider the Seattle Water Tours Ice Cream Cruises. With multiple tours every day, you will have plenty of opportunities to hop aboard and go for an informative cruise around Lake Union.

Perhaps you and your dog are feeling a bit more adventurous, in which case a flightseeing tour may pique your interest. Kenmore Air offers flying tours above the city, giving you unmatched views of the skyline, the University of Washington, Seattle’s professional sports stadiums, and the famous Space Needle. A little bonus of this tour is that you will be flying in a seaplane, so you get to take off and land on the water—Lake Union specifically. Although small dogs under 25 pounds may fly for free, there is a fee for dogs that are 26-50 pounds, and a seat must be purchased for dogs that weigh more than 50 pounds.

It's not unlikely that your dog would prefer to keep all four paws on land for a tour. This poses no problem since there are still so many options available. If you’re a fan of Halloween or scary stuff in general, one of the haunted walking tours may be right up your alley. Of course, not everyone is a fan of the spooky scene, so a brewery tour may be more your style. Plus, some locations will have bowls of water and little treats for your dog.

Even if you don’t want to sign up for an official tour, you and your dog can take yourselves on your own tour of sorts. Columbia City, for instance, is a perfect neighborhood for walking your dog and checking out local shops, eateries, and historic homes.

Dog-friendly attractions in Seattle, Washington, are easy to come by. The list of places to visit and things to do is so vast that it could keep any dog and their parent entertained for many weekend trips or getaways. Next time you visit Seattle, consider bringing your pup along or asking your fellow dog parent friends to join in for the adventure.

** The ASPCA does not recommend nor endorse any for-profit entity, including the businesses listed here.

The information presented in this article is for educational and informational purposes only and does not constitute or substitute for the advice of your veterinarian.

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