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National Doggie Date Night Ideas

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A dog eats a treat at a pet-friendly restaurant.

February 3rd is Doggie Date Night! The perfect excuse for spending time with your canine companion, this holiday is a great opportunity to deepen your bond with your dog while also enriching their life. To make the day extra special, we put together some fun ways to enjoy a memorable time with your very, very good boy or girl.

Dog-Friendly Dates Out on the Town

Maybe you and your dog could use a little adventure outside of your home. Whether you're looking for an exciting adventure or a relaxing day in nature, there are plenty of exciting and enjoyable activities to enjoy with your dog outside the confines of your home.

Dinner and a Movie

This is a classic date night idea with a dog-friendly twist. Many restaurants have dog-friendly patios, so you can enjoy nice dinner together outside. After dinner, catch a show at the drive-in movie theater. Most drive-ins allow dogs; just make sure to give your local theater a quick call to confirm before heading out.

Tip: Bring your dog’s favorite treat to reinforce good behavior and a chew toy to gnaw on while you enjoy the movie.

Wags and Wines

Many wineries happily welcome dogs, especially those with spacious outdoor areas. Take a stroll around the premises with your pup, allowing them to sniff and explore to their heart's content. Afterward, indulge in a tasting or savor a glass of your favorite wine while taking in the scenic views. Don’t forget to bring along some toys or chews to keep your dog entertained. As always, call beforehand to make sure dogs are allowed.

Tip: Level up your dog’s winery experience with their very own Barkuterie board.

Dog-Friendly Shopping

Stores like pet shops and big hardware chains often welcome dogs. While you check out the latest tools and appliances, your dog can sniff around, say hi to other shoppers, and spend some time with their best friend (you!). Or stop by the pet store to pick out a new chew toy, a bag of doggy snacks, a special bowl, or some special pet shampoo. Uncertain about bringing your dog into a store? Try window shopping instead! You can browse the newest products while your dog soaks in all the smells.

Tip: To make the day extra special, walk around the pet store and let that good dog pick out their own treat.

Double Dog Date

Double the fun with a double date at the dog park! It could be with your friends and their dogs, or your own dog's favorite playmate. Dogs are social beings, and they usually love the company of other dogs, especially when they have a furry friend they get along with.

Tip: Don't worry if your dog isn't a fan of other dogs; you can still have a great time with a "double date" involving your dog's favorite human instead.

Take a Hike

Taking your dog on a hiking excursion is a great way to discover new and exciting places together. Not only will your pup get to experience interesting smells, sights, and sounds, but it'll also be a refreshing change from your usual walks or backyard hangouts.

Tip: Don’t forget to bring enough clean drinking water for the two of you, as well as any other accessories that will keep your dog energized, hydrated, and comfortable.

Doggie Date Ideas at Home

Just like some people prefer staying in, there are dogs who feel the same way. Luckily, some of the best celebrations can take place right at home. It is important to choose an activity that both you and your dog will enjoy. While dinner on the patio of your favorite restaurant may sound appealing to you, if your dog becomes anxious in public settings, it might be better to have dinner at home instead. Here are a few dog date ideas that you can enjoy without ever stepping outside.

Netflix and Naps

Claim the coziest spot on the couch and snuggle up for a movie marathon with your best four-legged friend. Choose from films like "101 Dalmatians," "Best in Show," or "Marley & Me" and enjoy some quality cuddle time.

Tip: Clear your living room floor and turn it into one big bed with lots of blankets and pillows! Your pup will love the fact that you’re joining them on the floor, and it makes for some awesome cuddles.

Sweet Treat Surprise

Try out some new dog-friendly recipes and whip up a special treat to enjoy with your pet. Make your own Pup Cup using sugar-free, xylitol free vanilla ice cream or whipped cream and top it with a dog biscuit. It’s important to remember that while these special treats aren’t toxic, some dogs may not tolerate dairy-heavy foods, so moderation is key. Consult with your veterinarian if you have questions or concerns.

Tip: Scoop yourself a big bowl of ice cream and join your pup. We all deserve a little indulgence every now and then!

Massage Their Worries Away

Who doesn’t love having their sore muscles massaged? Dogs carry stress and strain in their joints and muscles just like we do. A gentle massage may help reduce stress and anxiety, increase circulation, decrease pain, and strengthen the bond between you and your dog. Spending time gently massaging your dog can provide continuing benefits of relief and relaxation for your pup long after the day is over.

Tip: Set the scene with low, ambient lighting, calming music, and aromatherapy using an oil diffuser. Just make sure you keep any essential oils out of your dog’s reach.

February 3rd might be National Doggie Date Night, but we think dogs deserve to be celebrated year-round. With a little effort, you can show your dog just how much you love them by treating them to a tail-wagging good time.

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