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Pet Insurance in Kansas

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A brown dog lays on a grassy hillside, looking out over a dusty path.

Welcome to Kansas, where even Toto could use a touch of pet insurance magic. Just as the winds sweep across the Great Plains, our furry friends can encounter twists and turns, from sudden health issues to unexpected accidents. That’s why it's important to ensure that your pet—and your wallet—are protected. 

The ASPCA® Pet Health Insurance program offers coverage that extends across the Sunflower State, giving you the assurance that your pet's health can be protected no matter where you are in Kansas, the US, and Canada. 

Visit Any Licensed Veterinarian in Kansas

With an ASPCA® Pet Health Insurance plan, you have the freedom to visit any licensed veterinarian in Kansas — from big cities, like Wichita and Topeka, to small towns, like Hays and Dodge City, you decide where your pet receives top-notch care.

There are currently over 565* licensed veterinarians in the state of Kansas. Use our Vet Locator tool to find one that works for you!

The Cost of Pet Care in Kansas

From routine veterinary visits to unexpected emergencies, the cost of caring for a pet in Kansas can add up quickly. The ASPCA® Pet Health Insurance program can help ease the financial burden by reimbursing up to 90% of covered conditions, so you can help ensure that your four-legged friend gets the top-notch veterinary care they deserve anywhere within the Sunflower State.

Kansas Pet Insurance Quotes

Your cost is based on a few different things, including the age and breed of your pet and your zip code, as well as which plan you choose. Below are a few estimates to give you a better idea of what pet insurance might cost in KS.

How Much Does Pet Insurance In Kansas Cost for Dogs?

Species Breed Age Zip Estimated Premium
Dog Large Mixed Breed 10 months 66160 Starting at $23.79-$34.35
Dog Goldendoodle 1 year 66118 Starting at $23.79-$32.90
Dog Miniature Dachshund 4 years 67656 Starting at $23.79-$28.90

How Much Does Pet Insurance In Kansas Cost for Cats?

Species Breed Age Zip Estimated Premium
Cat Domestic Shorthair 10 weeks 66855 Starting at $11.33-$15.78
Cat Siamese 2 years 66222 Starting at $16.39-$22.82
Cat American Longhair 5 years 67954 Starting at $11.33-$17.73

**Estimated premium quotes based on a $5,000 annual limit, 80% reimbursement rate, and $250 annual deductible, as of 4/21/24. Plan costs vary based on plan type, pet breed, age, and location. Take a look at a sample policy to see what’s covered.

Fetch your quote faster than Dorothy says, "We're not in Kansas anymore!"

Why Get Pet Insurance in Kansas?

Here are some common dangers faced by pets in Kansas:


Taking the proper precautions to ensure that all family members (including the four-legged ones) are safe in the event a tornado strikes could make a world of difference. It’s best not to wait until a tornado has formed to consider what you need to do with your pets to keep them safe.

Make sure to set up a large tornado-safe space for your pets, practice getting there swiftly, and have pet disaster preparedness kits within reach. Know the proper way to locate and rescue your pets in the event of a tornado by taking note of your pet’s hiding spots. Although they may be able to ride out a regular thunderstorm in this spot, you must be able to locate and remove them so that you can safely get them to your designated tornado area.

If you evacuate, remember to bring your pet’s identification and anything else they may need, such as their leash, blankets, food, water, medical records, and medication. If staying put, gather everyone in a secure area, ensuring that pets are safely contained (consider placing them in crates under furniture if possible). After the tornado has passed, don't rush outside. Debris will likely be scattered around, so keep your pets crated or on a leash and steer clear of hazards like power lines, contaminated water, and sharp objects.

Extreme Temperatures

Living in Kansas comes with its share of weather challenges, and handling the sweltering heat of summer and the icy cold of winter can be a real struggle for our pets. To help ensure their safety and well-being during the scorching summers of the Sunflower State, make sure they always have access to cool, fresh water to drink and shady spots to retreat to when the sun beats down. Don’t leave them outside for too long, know the signs of overheating, and steer clear of hot pavements during walks as they can cause painful burns on sensitive paws.

During the winter, make sure they have a warm, safe spot and extra blankets or bedding to keep them warm. Limit their time outdoors to bathroom breaks and short walks only, as they can get frostbite and hypothermia. Always wipe their paws after being outside to avoid irritation from salts or chemicals used on icy roads and consider using booties or paw balm. A good quality doggie jacket or sweater can also help them stay warm during walks.

On top of being ready for emergencies and taking steps to keep your pets safe, getting pet insurance in Kansas can be a lifesaver when your furry friend needs important medical care after an accident or unexpected health issue.

From Kansas’s bustling cities to its rural farm regions and quaint towns, help ensure your pet's health is protected across the state with the ASPCA® Pet Health Insurance program. Get a free pet insurance quote today.

Terry: The Real-Life Toto

In American history, few dogs have left as lasting an impression tied to a specific place as Toto, the adored Cairn Terrier from "The Wizard of Oz." The faithful companion of Dorothy Gale is more than just a character; he's the driving force behind Frank Baum's narrative, symbolizing Dorothy's escape from the mundane world of Kansas into the magical realm of Oz, fueled by her love for a scrappy little dog.

In the iconic film adaptation, Toto's character is brought to life by the spirited Cairn Terrier, Terry, a true star of Hollywood's golden era. Discovered in 1933 by renowned animal trainer Carl Spitz during a local dog show, Terry's natural charm and intelligence captured the attention of movie producers.

Before the cameras rolled, Terry spent two weeks living with Judy Garland, who quickly formed a deep bond with her and even attempted to purchase her from Spitz. Terry's dedication to her role as Toto knew no bounds, as she fearlessly performed her own stunts, including enduring three wind machines simulating a tornado and acting alongside a fantastical cast that included men in elaborate costumes, Munchkins, Winkies, and Flying Monkeys. For her work in the hit film, Terry earned $125 a week, which was significantly more than some of her costars.

Despite her petite size, Terry's on-screen presence was unforgettable, earning her a devoted fan base and critical acclaim. Her portrayal of Toto epitomized loyalty, bravery, and friendship, resonating with audiences and becoming a symbol of enduring companionship and courage. Recognizing Terry's impact and the popularity of her role as Toto, her owner and trainer officially renamed her Toto, solidifying her place in cinematic history.

Today, Toto's legacy lives on, reminding us of the joy and companionship our four-legged friends bring to our lives. In every playful bark and wag of the tail, Toto's spirit continues to enchant audiences, a timeless tribute to the magic of storytelling and the bond between humans and their pets.

*Number of veterinarians in Kansas is based on internal data as of 4/23/24.

The information presented in this article is for educational and informational purposes only and does not constitute or substitute for the advice of your veterinarian.


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