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This Year’s Pet Wellness Trends

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brown dog getting hair trimmed

Just as there are trends in what people wear, the food they eat, and the products they buy, many similar trends exist for pets as well. From how they are groomed to the types of toys they play with, each year, the trends of the pet world change and evolve. Check out some of the trends for 2023.

Pet Wellness Trends

Pet grooming, food, and products remain a hot topic among pet parents from one year to the next. However, each year’s specific trends ebb and grow. Pet wellness brands are a prime example, as consumers now want companies to be more sustainable, have core values, and be environmentally conscious.

Pet Grooming Trends

When the topic of pet grooming comes up, people may initially only think of bathing and brushing their pets. While these two care habits are some of the most important grooming items and are essential in keeping your cat and dog looking and feeling good, the topic of grooming is now being approached from a broader view.

For instance, companies that produce pet shampoos and conditioners are now offering a more comprehensive selection of choices tailored to your pet’s needs. These can include organic, no-itch, and curly-coated formulas.

Teeth cleaning services and dental products, in general, have also become more common. Although professionals in the animal welfare field have always encouraged pet parents to brush their cat’s and dog’s teeth , people are beginning to make it more of a priority—some pet groomers now offer teeth-cleaning services.

Pet parents and pet groomers have also begun focusing more on their pal’s paw pad care, which can be particularly crucial for dogs whose feet trek across various surfaces in all types of weather. Next time you ask your dog to shake, note how smooth or rough their paws are on the underside. Pet parents can consider various products when caring for their cat’s or dog’s pads—anything from booties to pet-safe paw balm. Be sure to double check the ingredients of any product you use on your pet’s paws and remember that you can always ask your veterinarian for recommendations.

From their teeth to their toes, these trending grooming habits all seem to focus on one objective—keeping your pet as healthy as possible.

Pet Food Trends

Following the pet health trends of keeping your dog and cat looking their best on the outside, it’s equally important to pet parents that their pals are also healthy on the inside. For many, this all starts with the food they eat.

Nutrient-rich food is at the forefront of current canine and feline cuisine trends. Pet parents want to step further away from kibble that benefits pets only by “filling them up.” Like people, pets also have a list of nutritional requirements that they should receive every day. To better understand if your pet’s food contains the necessary nutrients, it’s helpful to look at the ingredient list, the nutritional adequacy statement, and the various percentages of fats, proteins, and fibers contained in the food.

Frozen and freeze-dried food options are often hot topics since both options have many benefits. For instance, frozen pet food and treats can be purchased in-store and online, they last longer, and you can serve whole ingredients without the hassle of lots of preparation. Freeze-dried food also has the benefit of lasting longer, along with fewer preservatives in the food.

Online retailers have been taking the world by storm for many years now, but after the pandemic, online shopping has solidified itself in many people’s daily habits. Pet parents everywhere love the convenience of shopping online since “the store” is technically always open, there’s no need to drive anywhere, and there can be more options. Plus, having your pet’s products delivered straight to your door is the epitome of convenience.

Pet Product Trends

There are thousands upon thousands of pet products available for pet parents to choose from and purchase any time they want—whether they go online or visit their nearby store. From the essentials like litter boxes and collars to fun items like toys and beds, it may seem a tad overwhelming on which items to purchase. However, there are a few pet products that are leading the trends for the year.

Pet subscription boxes, offered by many companies, have continued to become more popular. These boxes, which can be scheduled for delivery on a monthly or specified schedule, are often a mixture of toys, treats, and accessories—they’re all unique. Some companies even offer customized boxes for holidays or sports teams. Many pet parents love the surprise of not knowing what will be in the box, the convenience of having everything picked out and delivered to their door, and the joy of spoiling their pet with something special.

Enrichment toys provide valuable benefits to your pet’s mental health. While your pet’s physical well-being is often addressed, their mental and emotional health should not be pushed to the wayside. Enrichment toys, sometimes also called puzzle toys, are available in a wide variety for pets of all ages, sizes, and capabilities. These can help keep your best pal from becoming bored, reducing their stress and anxiety.

Accessories for pets have been around for quite some time, but the options and avenues for these added items continue to grow in popularity. Pet accessories can range from fun items to practical necessities. For instance, you can buy your hairless cat some sweaters to keep them warm in the cooler months or your dog some bandanas to match the holidays. However, if your pet has never worn a bandana or piece of clothing before, entice them with a treat when you first put it on. You can also work your way up from your pet wearing their accessories for just a short while to all day, though many pets shouldn’t be left unattended with their accessories still on. In addition to bandanas, you can also shop around for cool cat towers, various perches that can be mounted on your wall, and even hammocks that stick to your windows.

If you travel with your pets often, consider looking at pet seatbelt and cat carrier options, along with other car accessories for your pets, such as seat covers or ramps. For dog parents that are avid adventurers in the great outdoors, you may notice an uptick in availability for doggy life vests, booties, and dog backpacks.

Organic Pet Products

When a cat or dog food is labeled ‘organic,’ it means that it was grown without using particular substances such as certain pesticides or fertilizers. If you come across a toy for your pet labeled ‘organic,’ this typically means that it’s made from a more natural material, such as wood or wool, instead of something manufactured and packed with chemicals, like plastic. Likewise, organic shampoo options typically don’t have the common chemicals that many other shampoos contain.

Many pet parents are drawn to organic products because they contain more natural ingredients and fewer chemicals, and they may better fit their pet’s needs. Organic products are often better for the environment as well.

Luxury Pet Product Trends

High-end pet product options have continued to gain attention, which only makes sense when you consider how many Gen-Z and Millennial pet parents treat their four-legged companions as their children. As a result, luxury or “fancy” options are available in anything from boutique-bought pet collars to freshly baked pet treats, pet spas, and retreat-style boarding facilities. Especially if cost is of little to no concern when it comes to your budget for pet products, then the sky’s the limit. As you shop around for higher-end products, don’t forget to ask about local options—you never know what fantastic businesses may be located conveniently in your town.

Before you hop on the latest pet wellness trends, don’t forget to consider whether switching your pet’s food or caretaking routine is the best option for them. It can be helpful to research your options and talk to your veterinarian about any advice or recommendations. However, you never know when one of the latest trends will become a seamless part of your and your pet’s everyday lifestyle.

An ASPCA® Pet Health Insurance plan can help you with eligible costs for covered conditions like surgery expenses for accidents and help provide peace of mind that your pet can receive the care they need. Check out our online resources to learn more about your insurance options and get a free quote today. The information presented in this article is for educational and informational purposes only and does not constitute or substitute for the advice of your veterinarian.


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