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Top 11 Movie Star Pets We Want to Cuddle

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Movie Star Cats and Dogs We Want to Cuddle _ white dog with black collar and pink heart-shaped sunglasses against a pink background

There are so many famous pets we’d love to cuddle that it’s hard to narrow down the list. But here are the picks of the litter. And don’t worry—no spoilers here.

1. For the Love of Benji

Who could resist this loveable floppy-eared pup with those expressive eyes? Benji is an icon among the pets we want to cuddle. He’s famous for starring in television shows and movies from the mid-1970s all the way up to 2018 when there was a reboot of the original Benji film.

While Benji is a character played by multiple dogs over the years, the first animal actor to step into the role of Benji was a pooch named Higgins, who was adopted from the Burbank Animal Shelter. The second dog to play Benji was Higgins’ daughter Benjean. The newest movie stars a dog who was rescued from an animal shelter in Virginia.

2. Roll Over, Beethoven

Beethoven is a big, slobbery, and extraordinarily loveable Saint Bernard in the Beethoven movie. He fills a hole in the Newton family—like many of our sweet pets do! But Beethoven must contend with a villainous veterinarian and his henchmen who try to kidnap him for experiments.

Will Beethoven be saved? You’ll have to watch it to see what happens at the end.

3. Dr. Evil’s Hairless Kitty

Mr. Bigglesworth may have lost all of his hair in the Austin Powers movies, but we’d still love to cuddle with him. That is if Dr. Evil lets us. This regal looking cat was played by a champion purebred hairless Sphynx named SGC Belfry Ted Nude-Gent. Known to friends as Ted, he was often found snoozing on the lap of Austin Powers himself (played by Mike Myers) during production.

4. Your Highness, Fat Louie

In The Princess Diaries, Mia is stunned when she discovers that she is the heir apparent to the fictional country of Genovia. Luckily, this spunky teenager has the cool and collected cat Fat Louie by her side as she learns the ropes of her new role as princess. This handsome black and white boy loved to eat and apparently isn’t as discerning as most cats. He swallowed one of Mia’s socks, which meant a trip to the emergency animal hospital so it could be removed.

5. There’s No Place Like Home

Toto is the sweet little Terrier from The Wizard of Oz who accompanies Dorothy from Kansas to her adventures down the yellow brick road. He’s just the kind of pup you’d want to have by your side when you’re heading to meet the Wizard with a lion, a scarecrow, and a tin man (oh my!).

Toto was originally named Terry, but her (yup, referred to as a male in the film, but played by a female pup) name was officially changed to Toto in 1942 since the film had become so wildly popular.

6. Cuddly Homeward Bound Trio

Homeward Bound features Chance the independent American Bulldog, Shadow the wise Golden Retriever, and Sassy the smart-mouthed Himalayan cat. This curious trio goes off on an adventure that leads to all sorts of encounters. It finishes with a climactic ending that made our hearts skip a beat. You’ll want to cuddle with all three of these courageous pets!

United States Lassie postage stamp

7. Lassie, Come Here and Cuddle

Of all the famous Hollywood dogs, Lassie may be one of the most well-known. And what’s not to adore about this smart, loyal, and courageous pooch?

He (the character is always female, but the actors have always been male due to how their coats shed less) starred in Lassie Come Home in 1943 with Elizabeth Taylor and then went on to do several sequels, a television series, and, most recently, a reboot of that original movie. There was even a Lassie video game, called what else but Lassie. Lassie is one of only a few animals to be recognized with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

8. Hoop Shooting Pup

Who doesn’t love a dog with mad basketball skills? In the 1997 movie Air Bud, Josh befriends Buddy after he is given up by his nasty owner. The two become fast friends and soon Josh realizes this Golden Retriever can shoot hoops. You’ll be standing on your feet cheering for Josh and Bud by the end of this film.

9. Pass the Tissues for Marley

Marley is the loyal yet incorrigible Golden Labrador star in the movie that bears his name. He was adopted by a young couple (played by Owen Wilson and Jennifer Aniston) who are overwhelmed by his antics, especially as their family grows. But as the years go by, Marley shows us that pets are a big part of our families who can help us through the tough times. Anyone with a heart will need a box of tissues at the end of this movie.

10. Dynamic Duo

The Adventures of Milo and Otis feature the young orange Tabby cat and the cute Pug of the title who grow up on a farm together. After they’re accidentally separated, they start a quest to find each other again. It’s impossible not to root for this adorable cat and dog duo to be reunited in this live-action film from Japan.

11. Cute Cop Buddy

Hooch of Turner & Hooch may be a bit slobbery and awfully rambunctious, but we’d still love to give him a great big cuddle. This large French Mastiff (Dogue de Bordeaux) gets paired with neatnik Scott Turner after his police partner is murdered. Scott definitely doesn’t appreciate Hooch’s destructive style, but he can’t help bonding with him as they work together to solve the crime.

Movie Names You Can Give Your Pet

If you’re a movie aficionado or maybe just have a few favorite flicks, you might want to give your next pet a name related to the cinema. Here are some fun ideas:

  • Character puns: Get creative! How about Jabba the Mutt, Harry Pawter, or Winnie the Poodle?
  • At the movies: Name them something that reminds you of the movies, like Oscar, Milk Dud, Goober, or Popcorn.
  • Character names: This category can take you to all sorts of places, from superhero to alien. Think Batman, Rocky, Belle, Yoda, Stitch, Simba, Batman, Shrek, or E. T.
  • Movie stars: You can go with first names that stand out on their own like Leo, Meryl, Marilyn, Clint, or Marlon. Or take a page from Charlotte in Sex and the City who named her pooch Elizabeth Taylor.

Just remember you’ll be calling that name for many years to come, so be sure you and your pet are happy with it!

The information presented in this article is for educational and informational purposes only and does not constitute or substitute for the advice of your veterinarian.



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