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Some pets could care less about what’s on TV, while others lap it up. Whether watching TV is good or bad for pets hasn't been proven either way, but it may have its benefits. 

Lessen Separation Anxiety

If your pet gets upset when left home alone, you can try leaving the TV on while you’re out. The lights and noises may be comforting and make your pet feel a little less lonely.

If your pet gets more than just upset, however, and is exhibiting signs of unwanted or compulsive behaviors while you’re gone, it may indicate a behavioral condition. Such conditions can be harmful to pets and disruptive to families.

Prevent Boredom

Indoor or shelter pets without access to windows may benefit from a little tube time to keep them entertained. TV can also help with cabin fever when it’s too cold or rainy to get outside with your pet. 

Reduce Bad Behavior

Since TV watching can help alleviate boredom and anxiety, it can also help keep your pet out of trouble. After all, who wants to dig through the garbage or chew on a shoe when there’s a good show on TV?

What to Watch

Some pets love watching wildlife on the Nature Channel, while others enjoy the human companionship of a soap opera. There are even shows created specifically for pets. Experiment with different channels to find your pet’s TV favorites.

And while a little TV time should be fine, don’t forget to get that couch potato up and moving too. Check out these 8 fun indoor pet games that can be played during commercial breaks:

  1. Create a pet playground with discarded gift boxes and wrapping paper.
  2. Play a fun version of hide and seek by hiding pet treats around the house.
  3. Throw a small ball across the room for a good old-fashioned game of fetch.
  4. Don't leave those interactive cat toys lying around. Pick them up and shake them around for your frisky feline.
  5. Use a treat as a lure to start a game of chase running from room to room with your pet close behind.
  6. Grab an old T-shirt and use it for a brisk game of tug-of-war with your dog.
  7. Crumple up newspaper and throw it for your cat to pounce on and bat around the house.
  8. Set up an obstacle course and entice your dog or cat to run through it with a treat or toy.

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