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Insure The Rest of Your Family

For Your Company:

  • Direct-billing solution for easy implementation
  • Offer it at any time—during open enrollment or off-cycle
  • Turn-key materials to support your program
  • No minimum participation requirements
  • No cost to your organization
  • Dedicated account management

My dog had an issue that required a visit to the emergency clinic and to a specialist. Having pet insurance to help cover some of the cost allowed me to get him the treatment he needed.


For Your Employees:

  • Savings up to 20%**
  • Simple phone or online enrollment
  • Customizable coverage for accidents, illnesses, preventive care, and more
  • Up to 90% reimbursement of covered costs*
  • Friendly customer service and quick claims processing
  • Portable if employee leaves your organization

I always considered pet insurance, though I didn’t enroll until I started a new job that offered ASPCA Pet Health Insurance as a benefit. Wow, what a lifesaver! Six months later, my dog had an emergency. I was left with a whopping bill that could have caused a crippling financial burden if not for my pet insurance. Thankfully, I could get my dog the treatment he needed, and he has recovered.


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