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ASPCA® Pet Health Insurance customers share their experience on how pet insurance has benefited them and helped their pets live happier, healthier longer lives.

Marc holding Flip in a pool

man's best friend

Accidents can’t be prevented, but thankfully, when Marc’s buddy Flip was attacked, they had a plan. Flip received the emergency dog care he needed, which came with a large, unexpected vet bill. But, with their dog insurance benefits, they easily found a vet and received reimbursement for nearly all of their total out-of-pocket cost.

“You can’t predict what’s going to happen to your dog, and they would do anything for you. If you could do anything for them, you should. If you don’t need the insurance—good, that’s great. But it’s better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it.”

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George and Fred sitting next to each other on a shelf

a purrfect pair

Fred, the curious cat, was exploring his home when Christine found him chewing a scouring pad. This common household item caused him to have an infection and fever. with his cat insurance benefits, Fred was able to quickly receive emergency cat care. Budgeting for her pet was made more accessible by having plans that cover up to 90% of eligible vet bills.

“Pet insurance is an extra peace of mind. We, as humans, have insurance. So why not our pets?”

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Kristi with dogs Kenzi and Buck

dogs on the move

Two months into welcoming Kenzie into their family, she got ahold of rat poison and required immediate emergency care. Unfortunately, Kristi had not signed up for pet insurance and had to pay the entire bill. In her search to treat Kenzie, she called the ASPCA poison control hotline, where she discovered the ASPCA® Pet Health Insurance program. Compared to some other providers, she found that the ASPCA® Pet Health Insurance plans offer great coverage at a competitive price.

“Pet Insurance Plans are really not that expensive. It's just a peace of mind that you have not matter what.”

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“When our sweet Goldendoodle, Sunny, was 8 months old she was hit by a car. She was very lucky in that her most significant injury was a badly broken toe, but even so, her recovery was long and required many X-rays and followup vet visits, and she was in a full cast for over three months. Thankfully, we had purchased an ASPCA Pet Health Insurance policy for Sunny that covered the thousands of dollars of medical bills which would have crippled us financially if we had not had the policy.”

- Alexis N.


“I began insuring my kitty at a young age, and I’m so thankful that I did. Three years ago, she was diagnosed with diabetes, and she needs insulin twice a day. She has had to undergo so much blood work to monitor her condition, as well as the ongoing expenses of insulin and syringes. My ASPCA Pet Health Insurance plan has been a lifesaver in helping to keep my costs manageable so that my kitty can get everything she needs.”

- Jackie S.

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