Fun Facts About Ragamuffin Cats

Not to be confused with the very closely related Ragdoll cats, the Ragamuffin – often spelled RagaMuffin – is a breed all its own. These large, clingy, and affectionate cats love people and have a personality as outsized as their big, fluffy frames.


While the details are foggy, it’s generally agreed that Ragamuffins were created by Ragdoll owners who crossed the breed with other longhaired cats, including Turkish Angoras, Himalayans, Persians, and longhaired domestic cats. In doing so, they increased the breed’s size and expanded the colors and patterns associated with these large fur balls.

The origin of the Ragamuffin goes back to a cat named Josephine. And Josephine wasn’t even a Ragamuffin. She was, in fact, a Ragdoll. But given the mystery that surrounds the early days of the Ragdoll breed, it’s not surprising that Ragamuffin origins are also intriguing.


As it turns out, there was once a rift in the world of Ragdoll aficionados that led to a lot of tension between factions and even some good ole fashion litigation. The founder of Ragdoll cats and owner of Josephine, Ann Baker, held stringent control over the breed and its classifications. This didn’t sit well with some admirers and caused a group of Ragdoll breeders to depart from Baker and her strict rules. After some hostile years, the group ended up with the Ragamuffin breed. It all sounds very stressful, but perhaps worth it when the end result is such a wonderful kitty companion.

physical attributes of a ragamuffin cat _ ragamuffin with yellow eyes resting in a sink


It’s not just their unique origin story that makes Ragamuffins special. They have some defining features – both physically and personality-wise – that distinguish this impressive breed. Some of the most distinctive attributes include:

Grooming and Care

Ragamuffins have incredibly soft fur, but luckily for enthusiasts of this breed, their coat is tangle resistant. One weekly brushing with a stainless steel comb should suffice for these kitties. This will remove debris and dead hair while helping keep these loveable felines looking as beautiful on the outside as they are on the inside.

When it comes to Ragamuffin upkeep, it’s also important to:

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Common Health Issues

A hearty breed, Ragamuffins are generally healthy, but can be predisposed to the following hereditary issues:

  • Cardiomyopathy – This common form of heart disease in cats is caused by a thickening of the heart muscle
  • Polycystic kidney disease (PKD) – This condition made its way to Ragamuffins from their Persian cat ancestors and can cause renal failure

An already large breed, Ragamuffins can have a tendency to overeat, which makes them more susceptible to obesity. Owners of these king-sized companions should monitor their food intake just to be safe and to make sure kitty isn’t going back for seconds… or thirds. Check with your veterinarian for information on proper portion sizes and meals. Need help finding a pet healthcare provider? Try our vet finder!

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Fun Facts

The breed had such a crazy beginning that it’s no wonder there’s more than meets the eye when it comes to Ragamuffins! Here are some fun facts about these cuddle-crazed kitties:

Ragamuffins are a whole lot of cat, but luckily the complete coverage that’s available with an ASPCA Pet Health Insurance plan can help cover your entire kitty comrade

Popular Ragamuffin Names

These larger than life cats need a name that can do this unique breed justice. Here are some popular picks:

Some names to consider for lady Ragamuffins include:

  • Cloudy
  • Luna
  • Kiara
  • Belle
  • Princess

Male Ragamuffin names to consider are:

  • Teddy
  • Vinny
  • Tucker
  • Romeo
  • Simba

Ragamuffins are a whole lot of cat, but luckily the complete coverage that’s available with an ASPCA Pet Health Insurance plan can help cover your entire kitty comrade. Get a free quote on a plan that gives them the coverage their unconditional companionship deserves.


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