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ASPCA Pet Health Insurance customers spend twice as much on vet care than pet parents in general 1

What if more clients said yes to pet insurance?

  • They could worry less about cost.

    We reimburse up to 90% of covered costs,* which can be a big help and a big relief for pet parents. This makes it easier for clients to focus on what’s best for their pets and say yes to treatment recommendations.

  • More pets could get the services they need.

    More pets could get the services they need. About a third of pet parents who didn’t take their pet to a vet at all said they couldn’t afford it.2 Insured clients have help managing vet costs, and 74% of our customers visit their veterinarian more than once a year.3

  • Stop-treatment levels could increase.

    Our pet insurance offers pet parents more breathing room. This way, veterinary care doesn't have to stop while treatment options are still available for pets.

  • You could grow your business.

    According to Veterinary Practice News, “When veterinarians or their staff recommend pet insurance, not only are they helping the pet and owner by ensuring their financial preparation for incurring medical costs, they are helping their business as well.” 4

8 out of 10 vet practices in the US
Already have clients with ASPCA Pet Health Insurance 5

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