Preventive care is so important for helping pets live longer, healthier lives. Plus, it can support a financially healthy practice. Unfortunately, lots of pets don't get the regular preventive care they need to keep their health on track. Here’s how we can help promote pet wellness at your clinic.

How Pet Insurance Can Help

Research showed that 45% of clients would visit their veterinarians more if preventive care was available and billed monthly.1 However, setting up and running a program takes time and effort, which can be a lot to handle for an already busy clinic.

A simpler solution is ASPCA Pet Health Insurance – it’s easy and has added benefits for both you and your clients:

  • There’s no administrative burden for your practice.
  • You don’t have to discount your preventive care services.
  • We encourage clients to schedule preventive care visits.
  • Clients can also benefit from accident and illness coverage.

How it Works

Your clients can add one of our preventive care options to their plan at a low additional cost. These options have a list of covered services and each service has a set reimbursement amount. They don't need to meet a deductible first or satisfy co-insurance We also send out reminders to use these benefits to encourage pet parents to make and keep those appointments.

Have Questions?

Reach out to our Veterinary Services Department at 1-877-738-2677 or request a free Lunch & Learn for your team today!

ASPCA Pet Health Insurance clients with preventive care coverage spend nearly 3.5 times as much on veterinary care per year than pet parents in general.2