Wellness plans from Banfield are not the same as pet insurance plans. With Banfield’s plans, you are essentially pre-paying for the wellness services that your pet would receive at Banfield’s veterinary clinics. It does not cover any treatments for injuries or illnesses beyond an office visit and limited discounts on some services.

Pet insurance, on the other hand, does cover injuries and illnesses, plus hereditary conditions, alternative therapies, behavioral issues, dental care and wellness services.

With ASPCA Pet Health Insurance, you also are free to visit any licensed veterinarian in the US or Canada, including emergency clinics and specialists. You’re not limited to one provider.

Example Monthly Cost $42.54* $26.95 - $40.95 plus $39.95 enrollment fee**
No Enrollment Fee Yes No
Freedom to Visit Any Veterinarian or Specialist Yes No
Emergency Care Yes No
Wellness Care Yes Yes
Coverage for Injuries Yes No
Coverage for Illnesses Yes No
Free Cancellation Anytime Yes No