When you compare coverage by MetLife Pet Insurance (formerly PetFirst) and ASPCA® Pet Health Insurance, one of the biggest differences that stands out is their deductible.

An ASPCA® Pet Health Insurance plan features an annual deductible that needs to be met just once a year regardless of how often your pet falls ill or gets injured. MetLife Pet Insurance coverage, on the other hand, has a per-incident deductible, so you’ll need to satisfy this amount every time your pet has a new illness or injury.

Unlike MetLife, the ASPCA® Pet Health Insurance program has coverage for future behavioral issues, microchip implantation, and prescription foods* used for treating a covered condition, all of which are not included in a MetLife Pet Insurance plan.

Finally, the ASPCA® Pet Health Insurance program also provides policyholders with conveniences like 24/7 pet telehealth provided by The Vet Connection, a mobile app, plan options with unlimited annual limits, and premiums that don’t increase based on the number of claims submitted.

ASPCA® Pet Health Insurance MetLife
Reimbursement Choice of 90%, 80% or
70% of covered vet costs
70%, 80%, 90% (65% option for plans underwritten by IAIC)
Type of Deductible Annual Annual
Unlimited Plan Available Yes Not currently offering online but available in Contact Center
Illness Waiting Period 14 Days 14 Days
Accident Waiting Period 14 Days 12:00 am on Effective Date (1 day)
Preventive Care Optional add-on Optional add-on
Coverage Includes:
Exam Fees Yes Yes
Lab Tests, X-rays, Hospitalization, Surgery, Diagnostics, etc. Yes Yes
Prescription Medications Yes Yes
Hereditary and Congenital Conditions Yes Yes
Alternative Therapies Yes Yes
Behavioral Issues Yes Yes, with Optional Preventive Endorsement
Dental Illnesses Yes Cleaning and Ortho Not Eligible, but Treatment for Periodontal Disease is Eligible
Chronic Conditions Yes Yes
Specialists Yes Yes
Stem Cell Treatments Yes Yes - (Silent, not called out as an exclusion)
Prescription Food & Supplements
To treat a covered condition (not for general maintenance or weight management)
Yes Yes - Optional
Microchip Yes Yes - with Optional Preventive Endorsement
No Vaccination Requirements for Coverage of Certain Conditions Yes Yes
Multiple Pet Discount 10% for each additional pet 5% 2 pets, 10% 3 or more pets
Age Limits for Illness Coverage Enrollment

This is the age at which illness coverage is no longer available for new enrollments. Typically, a pet’s plan won’t be cancelled because of age.

None None
All Pets Eligible, Regardless of Health Yes Yes
Accident-Only Plan Available for All Pets Yes Yes
Money Back Guarantee 30 Days* 30 Days
Experience The agency that provides ASPCA Pet Health Insurance was founded in 1997. Began offering pet insurance in 2019 when they purchased PetFirst and administered IAIC's product, MetLife product launched 2021
Better Business Bureau Rating A+ A+

MetLife Pet Insurance Plan Comparison

Some of the biggest differences between MetLife Pet Insurance (formerly PetFirst pet insurance) and ASPCA® Pet Health Insurance plans include the type of annual deductible used, coverage for prescription food*, a 30-day money-back guarantee** timeframes, and the option to choose a less extensive and lower-priced plan covering unexpected accidents and emergencies only. In each case, the ASPCA® Pet Health Insurance Program comes out on top.

Type of Deductible

All pet insurance policies come with a deductible, which is the initial amount you must pay out of pocket before receiving any reimbursement. MetLife uses a per-incident deductible structure, requiring you to meet this amount each time your pet receives a new diagnosis.

With ASPCA® Pet Insurance plans, you will only have to meet your annual deductible once per policy year. You have the flexibility to select from three annual deductible options: $100, $250, or $500. This allows you to tailor your plan to fit your budget and coverage requirements. Opting for a higher deductible can lower your premium costs, but it means you will be responsible for a larger deductible amount.

Prescription Food and Supplements

A common question about pet insurance is whether prescription foods and supplements are covered, especially as they have become more widely used to support certain pet health conditions. Both MetLife Pet Insurance and ASPCA® Pet Health Insurance plans offer this coverage, but they do so differently.

With MetLife, you have the option to add coverage for prescription food as an optional add-on. This would cover 25% of the food cost, up to $250 annually. On the other hand, with the ASPCA® Pet Health Insurance flagship plan, Complete Coverage℠, prescription food is covered up to your total annual limit when used for treating a covered condition (excluding general maintenance or weight management) with no limitations or restrictions.

Behavioral Issues

MetLife Pet Insurance offers coverage for behavior training if recommended by a vet for anxiety or aggression but only under their preventive care add-on, which comes at an additional cost.

Under a Complete Coverage℠ plan, however, treatments for future behavioral issues are eligible to be covered by the ASPCA® Pet Health Insurance program for no additional cost. This may involve anxiety medication prescribed by a veterinarian, participation in behavioral modification programs suggested by your vet (provided it is overseen by an approved professional in the US or Canada), as well as additional behavioral treatments administered by a licensed veterinarian, an Applied Animal Behaviorist, or other certified professionals.

Accident-Only Plan

Accident-Only coverage is the ASPCA® Pet Health Insurance program’s accident and emergency plan that can get you cash back for the eligible costs of vet care in the chance of an unexpected accident. While this plan gives you less coverage when it comes to illnesses, it serves as a more affordable way for pet parents on a tight budget to help manage the eligible costs of emergency veterinarian care. MetLife Pet Insurance does not offer this option.


With MetLife, coverage for microchipping is an optional add-on, so you’ll need to pay extra for it. ASPCA® Pet Health Insurance plans include coverage of microchip implantations for no extra cost, ensuring their pet has the best chance of being recovered should they become lost.

Multiple Pet Discount

The ASPCA® Pet Health Insurance program offers a 10% multi-pet discount for covering more than one pet, allowing you to save on the base plan premium for each additional pet insured. MetLife, on the other hand, only provides a 5% discount for the second pet insured, and a 10% discount for three or more pets.

30-day Money Back Guarantee**

The ASPCA® Pet Health Insurance program and MetLife Pet Insurance both provide money-back guarantees. However, while the MetLife guarantee is valid for 14 days and is contingent upon no claims being made, the ASPCA® Pet Health Insurance program allows for a 30-day period to ensure your satisfaction with the coverage. A full refund can be obtained within this timeframe provided that no covered expenses have been charged towards your deductible or reimbursed.*

*Prescription food & supplements are covered if they are prescribed to treat an eligible accident or illness. Prescription food & supplements are not covered if they are used for weight management or general health maintenance.

**We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee if no claims are filed; 15-days in LA and ME. Not available in NY.

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